Gatsby's Diary - First week in my new home

I thought I would send you a little diary of my time so far in my new home with my new Mummy and Daddy. I’m still trying to settle in and there are lots of new spaces and noises to get used to. Mummy and Daddy have been very good with me and even let me sleep on their bed – although I do like to have a play in the middle of the night, which makes Mummy and Daddy look like zombies in the morning!


I will write as often as I can but for now, here is a diary of my first week as a home cat.


Day 1 – My new Mummy and Daddy came to pick me up and brought me a nice new fluffy blanket and some biscuits. The drive home was very scary and I had a little accident before I even left the street. I then had another wee accident when we passed a big scary lorry on the motorway. Mummy was very good and tried to clean me up but I had another 2 accidents before I got home and my fur was soaking wet with wee L. When I got to my new house, the door to my carry box was opened and I was allowed to roam downstairs. I managed to get wee all over the new floors and it took Mummy ages to get rid of the smell. I found where my litter tray and food/water were but was too scared to eat or drink. Daddy tried to clean my wet fur with a soft cloth and he really helped me out. It took me a while to finally get my lovely fur all nice and clean again. Once I was okay downstairs, I was allowed to roam upstairs. I became a little frightened and didn’t want to go downstairs again. Mummy and Daddy stayed with me for a long time and talked to me. I was very scared of all the unusual noises and smells. I didn’t eat all night and could tell Mummy was worried. I was just too scared to eat. Went to sleep on the top landing but I wasn’t very settled.


Day 2 – Kept Mummy and Daddy up until 2.30am this morning. I kept calling them to make sure they were still there. I was scared they would leave me, but they didn’t. I went downstairs while Mummy and Daddy had breakfast but I didn’t want to eat again. I had a drink of water and used my litter tray but that was it. I went back upstairs to my safe haven at the top of the landing. Daddy had to work all day so it was just me and Mummy. She stayed with me again and gave me lots of cuddles. I ventured into a new room today and was startled when something made a loud noise. I hid under Mummy and Daddy’s bed and didn’t come out. Mummy and Daddy had to lift the mattress off the bed to try and get me out. I eventually came out but I was still scared. I had my food brought up to me and ate a little bit. I’m still not sure of my surroundings and will only eat if Mummy and Daddy are with me. They have been very kind and have given me lots of treats and cuddles. Tonight I stayed upstairs and didn’t go downstairs until Mummy and Daddy were asleep.


Day 3 – I think I’m in the bad books. I was up playing until 4.30am this morning and scratched the banister when I tried to jump up onto it. Mummy and Daddy tried me with new food today and I ate a lot more than the last two days. I even ate downstairs! Mummy and Daddy registered me with the vets today and I think they have bought me worming and flea treatments. I have heard Daddy talking about this to Mummy. I also have little furballs and have been trying to cough them up. Mummy and Daddy are going to get me medicine for it. Ventured downstairs a bit more today as I have been feeling brave but two scary men came to the house to deliver the washing machine and scared me. I hid under the bed again! Mummy managed to get me out though and I am back downstairs. Fell asleep on the bedroom floor tonight.


Day 4 - I have been a very good boy and have been going downstairs a lot more now. I am getting to be a brave boy and have been sitting on the window sills watching the goings on outside. I will get out there to explore soon J I was up again during the night and played for hours. Mummy and Daddy had to get up a few times as I was dragging myself along the carpet with my claws. Oooops! Mummy and Daddy are very tired but they love me so I get away with anything J They went out for a few hours today and I missed them lots. They came back with a huge bag of goodies for me and lots of yummy food. I am now much more content and even sat with Mummy on her bed while she worked. I love my new home. There is a new diffuser in the hallway that is meant to calm me down. I think it is working as I feel a lot calmer and big noises aren’t so scary any more.


Day 5 – Oooops, I decided to play again last night. I think bags are appearing under Mummy and Daddy’s eyes but every morning they get up, bleary eyed, and give me huge cuddles. I think they love me J Daddy is working today and Mummy had to go out to buy Daddy some Lego but she is home now and I haven’t left her side. She is working on her science papers and I am right there with her keeping her company and helping her if she gets stuck. I think I should’ve been called Einstein! There is lots of noise today as everyone is having BBQs outside. There are kids shouting, music playing and dogs barking but nothing is really bothering me today. I am just lazing beside Mummy waiting on Daddy getting home from work. My eye was starting to look a little sore yesterday but it looks back to normal today. Something must have irritated it yesterday. Mummy is also very happy as I have eaten all my breakfast today. I think she was starting to worry that I wasn’t eating enough but I am ok. Mummy and Daddy have been playing with me lots and lots and I am having so much fun. I really enjoy my little catnip mouse and the bird on a string. I am also getting lots of treats including cold meat, whiskas treats and dreamies. I am truly being spoiled.


Day 6 – I was up to my old tricks again last night but I did let Mummy and Daddy sleep until 3am this time. I think that’s a treat for them. I think I gave Mummy a fright this morning. She came downstairs to feed me my breakfast and she couldn’t find me. I had managed to climb on top of the kitchen cabinets and was playing hide and seek. I came down right away when Mummy called me down though. I have had a bit of an upset tummy and so Mummy and Daddy will keep an eye on me. I am eating and drinking lots though so I think it’s just a little bit of an unsettled tummy. Mummy left me this morning to have a shower and when she came out I made sure her legs were nice and dry. My Granny and Grandad came to visit me today and I gave them lots of cuddles. I really like them too. They brought me lots of food and my cupboard is full of treats and toys. I am now really comfortable with my new home and loud noises aren’t bothering me anymore. Even Mummies hairdryer doesn’t bother me.  I am spending most of my days lying on my back, with my fluffy belly on show, right on top of Mummy and Daddy’s bed. I am having lots of fun and look forward to every day. Mummy is back to work tomorrow so it’s just me and Daddy to cause mischief. Daddy is playing with me to try and tire me out in the hope I sleep tonight – I may let them lie a little longer than 3am J


Day 7 – Well I have been in my furever home for a week now and I am totally settled in already. My Mummy had to go back to work today and she was away for most of the day. I really missed her and kept looking out the window to see if she was coming home. She eventually came home though and I was so happy to see her that I wouldn’t let her even take her shoes off before I was jumping all over her. Even though I missed my Mummy, I had a brilliant day with my Daddy. He played with me lots and gave me hundreds of cuddles. I am really happy here J