Rehomed Rascals 2012


These are some of the cats we have successfully rehomed recently:

Hello people, Sparky here to let you all know that I have been in my new home for a little while now and have settled down into all the routines including getting my daily injections. It took a couple of days to settle in but this was expected when I have been in foster care for a week short of a year and was quite settled there. Here is a note from my new family:
"I thought you might like to know Sparky has begun to settle in with us nicely. It's taken a couple of unsettled nights and a lot of patience.
He's eating well and taking his insulin without a fight. He's even met our old girl and the worst either of them has done is have a wee hiss at each other. Sparky has also taken a liking to sleeping under my teenage daughters bed at night and under the stairs during the day so I thought I'd share this photo with you of him in his daytime haven".

There is a home for all of us out there - sometimes you just have to wait a little while to find it. Thanks for finding me my new home, Sparky.

Lexie, now called Frodo, found her forever home just prior to Christmas. Her fractured leg had fully healed and she was adopted by the same lovely family who had already adopted her mother and two of her siblings. After a few days of confusion, she settled in, made friends with the dogs and claimed a sleeping place snuggled in under the duvet with her new mum. Lucky lass!


We are pleased to report that Esme and Ellie were adopted together and have settled well in their new forever home.

Hi folks, it's Sue and Gill here to let you know everything has worked out just fine and dandy for us. After being in a cattery for many months we have finally found our forever home with two great girls who love us to bits. We have been getting spoiled rotten and curling up beside our new owners makes us feel so wanted again as we really missed the human cuddles for many months. Lots of Furry Kisses and Purrs from Sue and Gill xxx

Hi everyone from us, Brodie and Lois. We have moved to our new home and settled in well. It took about three days for us to come out of hiding behind the TV and start to explore our new house. This is the first house we have ever been in and it was a little scary at first so Brodie went to check it was safe and Lois followed. Now that we have been here a few weeks we have explored most of the places we can reach but still can't figure out how to catch the Star Wars spaceships on the TV. We help ourselves to the toys in the box, usually emptying it and spreading them all
over the floor for mum and dad to trip over and tidy away at night. We have also seen the neighbouring cats through the patio doors and making ourselves known so that when we are eventually allowed outside they know this is our garden! Thanks for finding us our new home, Lois & Brodie.

Hi people, Deacon here to let you all know that I have moved to my new
home with human brother and sister and a couple of previous Cats Protection cats as housemates. I settled in well and only went into hiding on the first night.
I have explored everywhere I can reach, including the wardrobe where I got a
little stuck, and a few places that are just out of reach until I get a bit bigger. The windows are quite high to get to and I sometimes look around for help to get back down. I have made friends with Rory and we cuddle and play together as he shows me around and he is being the protective big brother when I met Muffin who just ignores us both and doesn't want to play. Thanks for finding me my new home, Deacon.

Great news cat people! Gypsy here to let you know I have been in my new home for a week now and all is well. I have a routine of watching the kids going to school then I play for an hour or so with a lollipop stick around the floor, have a sleep then watch from the window for the kids coming home from school, what a hard life I have, but oh so happy days! Thanks to all at Cats Protection for finding me this forever home, lots of purrs, Gypsy.

Yipee folks, Cracker here to let you know I am now in my new forever home with my new mum and dad. It’s great here and they bought me a great welcome-home scratching post which is taller than my new dad! As I have to be an indoor cat I am living in a flat, which is in Glasgow, so I spend many hours at the window watching the world go by. Thanks to all at Cats Protection for finding me my lovely home, lots of purrs, Cracker.

Hi cat people from me, little Casey. I may just be a little kitten but I have a big story to tell you. I have gone to live in my new home and am very lucky as I will have the company of four children and lovely cats so I will never be lonely. Thanks to all at Cats Protection for looking after me and my mum who I hope gets a home soon. Lots of purrs, Casey.

Hi cat people, it's cheeky wee Harris here. I've just packed my wee kitty bags and I'm now away to my forever home in time for Santa coming. I'm a lucky wee boy because not only am I going to be a part of a proper family but I wasn't even in foster care for that long. My new family had seen me on the website and knew instantly that I was the one!! When they came to meet me, they couldn't believe that I was even more handsome in real life!! Not only do I have my doting mum and dad, I also have a cool human brother (Anderson) and sister (Emily-Louise). Boy am I going to have fun here! I'm one lucky wee man as I even overheard my humans talking about all the fields and trees nearby where I'm going to be able to have the best time hunting (whatever that is!!) This is what I've always wanted, to be part of a family and to be be able to grow up with my humans - by the time Christmas comes, I'm going to have my furry wee paws firmly under the table - and you can't ask for more than that!! Keep checking this space cat lovers as I'm sure there will be some great photos coming your way!! Lots of purrs and headbutts, cheeky wee Harris xxxxxxx

To our precious Gracie, just a few words to let you know how delighted we are that you are now being loved and cherished like you deserve. You were with us in foster care for a long time and in that time we got so attached to you. You had had such a miserable life before coming to us and we promised you that once you had had your babies we were going to find you that extra special home. You were such a good mum to your babies but once they were weaned you were so fed up and we knew it was your time. I was determined that you would get nothing but the very best when you were adopted and I just knew without any doubt when I met the perfect family for you. After coming to so many rehoming days, and having so little interest in you, we worried that you would have to stay in foster care for a lot longer. I was adamant that I was not going to coax anyone into adopting you - it would have to be that special person who saw in you what we had. And then it happened - I just knew when I met your mum and dad they were the ones!! They truly loved you from the start and I loved their gentle and caring nature. You were the only one for them, and they were the only ones for you. The rest as they say was history. You have now settled in with them so well and they adore you. I am so happy that you came to us and we had a small part in your life. I will come and visit you one day - you won't remember me - but that's fine - that means I have done my job well and for that I feel proud and privileged. You will never have another care in the world - you are their princess and they are your angels of mercy. Christine and Alistair, you are the kind of people who make us carry on doing what we do for the cats. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart for adopting and loving Gracie and for seeing in her what we did. xxxxxxxx

Gracie's words from her new home:

Hi Foster Mum and Dad, it's Gracie here but I now answer to Tilly, my new name!
Thank you for looking after me while you found me a new home. It was good of you to tell me on Saturday that my new Mum and Dad were coming so that I could be ready for my carrier when it arrived. Well - the trip home was exciting. All these lights and shadows. I caught one or two. When we got home I decided I needed to inspect all the rooms to make sure there was no dust or cobwebs. It was all fine. After my inspection we played games for two hours. I amused mum and dad by running after a ball or the pretend mouse. I think it kept them happy. I was tired after all the fun so jumped up on Mum's knee and then on to Dad's. I put both paws on there shoulders and gave them both a cheek to cheek cuddle. I treated Dad by giving him lickies on his cheek and lips. I also gave Mum a wee lick on Sunday. I settled down on my bed and slept for ages. They tell me that I purr like a motorbike. Dad stayed up with me on Saturday and we played games on and off. I think I'm getting him trained. If I refuse food twice Mum opens a new packet! She's going to be a walkover. It's a bit posh here as they have a toilet for me up stairs as well as down. I make sure I use them both every day to keep in with them. I have loads of new beds, some with heat pads, and a new Bunny microwave heat pad to cuddle. Dad has stayed up with me every night so far, and Mum is keeping me well fed. They both enjoy playing games and Mum came back with a Robin Bird on a stick. She likes walking about with it and I chase it which she enjoys. With the new carpets they have rolled up the off cuts which I practice running through for the time when I will be out side hunting again. I have seen the garden from the window and 'gurred' at the magpies. I've seen a squirrel for the first time and Mum offered to cook it for me if I catch it as she doesn't like it digging up the grass. I will write again soon with some photographs of me in the garden and relaxing in the house.
I hope you will come and see me soon... Love, Tilly xxx

Hi peeps it's wee Skye here (now called Lola) with some fab news. I came into foster care a few weeks ago with my brother Harris and sisters Rona and Torsa. My foster mum was a bit worried about us as we were quite nervous and timid and very small for our age. Out of all of us, I was probably the most skittish and so our foster mum was quite anxious for us to be adopted as soon as possible. I was so lucky, my wonderful new family, my mum and human brother (Cameron) spent a lot of time with us all and picked me!  My foster mum was still worried that I might take a wee while to settle down but she needn't have fretted - within the first day, I was already playing and making myself quite at home here. I am so grateful to my new family as I am not the type of kitten who would have thrived being in foster care for a long time. I know that all the bad times are well and truly behind me now and I can start to enjoy my life and do all the things a gorgeous wee kitty like me should be doing. This is my first Christmas and I couldn't have hoped for a better present than my forever family have given me - safety, security and lots of TLC!!! Lots of love and purry furry kisses Lola xxxxxx

Hi cat lovers, it's Iona, Eriskay and Lewis here - yes you did hear right - all three of us reporting in from our fabulous new home. We are probably three of the luckiest wee kitties in West Lothian as we have all gone to our new family together!! Our new mum and dad were looking to adopt a pair of cheeky wee kittens but when they met us, they just knew they couldn't split us up!! We honestly have the best mum and dad in the whole wide world - we couldn't have got better if we'd knitted them ourselves. And that's not all - can you believe our good luck doesn't even stop there - we are now living in cat paradise, out in the countryside where we will have so much fun, you couldn't make it up!!
This is the best Christmas present we could ever have wished for - who says dreams can't come true? We will update you on our progress so keep watching this space!! Lots of love and furry headbutts, the Scottish Island kittens Iona, Eriskay and Lewis xxxxx

Hi peeps, it's cheeky wee Giuseppe Joe here with some terrific news!! After being in foster care for too long, I have finally gone to my new home. I often wondered why all my other kitty pals were being rehomed and I was always getting left, but now I know why!! My time was still to come!! And boy was it worth waiting for!!
My new mum and dad are part of the West Lothian Cats Protection extended family as they have now adopted four cats from them. If a wee kitten could fall asleep and dream of their purrfect home, this would definitely be it! I live with my new mum and dad and my two feline pals, Scooter and Dennis, in the middle of cat's paradise. I can't wait until I am old enough to get out in that massive garden and beyond. There are bound to be a lot of beasties out there for me to catch and bring back to my mum and dad as pressies - just to let them know how much I love them LOL!!!
I LOVE my new family and I know that this is my forever home - somewhere I will feel loved and safe - and as much as I liked my foster family, I know that I won't ever be back there again. A BIG thank you to my mum and dad for giving me my much needed second chance and to Cats Protection for helping me find them. Lots of big purry furry kisses and cuddles. Giuseppe Joe. xxxxx

Hi peeps, it's me Carmen. Just a wee word to let you know that I have settled in to my new home just fine and it's just like I've always been here!! From the first minute I put my wee furry paws out of that cat carrier, I made myself quite at home. I have everything here that a cute wee girl like me could have ever hoped for, a mum and dad who love me to bits, a feline friend Storm who I adore and the best bit of all, my human brother and sister Roban and Mara - what more could a wee kitty ask for? A MASSIVE thank you to my wonderful new family who loved me from the word go despite the fact I had been overlooked so many times, and had to watch with envy as all my friends were adopted one by one. I know now that it was because my forever family was still to come and I'm so glad I waited - I was the only gal for them!!! Please see below what my new mum and dad say about me!

Well......what can I say about Carmen.........for a cat who has never lived in a house before, she has certainly made herself right at home. She has slotted into our family as if she has been with us forever. She has immediately found her companion with Storm, on the first day he followed her everywhere and on the second day she followed him, they have even been sharing a basket!! Although Carmen doesn't sleep in it at night time, she straight away claimed her spot on our bed and won't be moved, which is lovely apart from being licked and nibbled at 5.00am - along with her huge purr!! Roban thinks he is really lucky to have two cats - both were sleeping on his bed this afternoon. He tried to do a good deed yesterday and rescue a mouse from Storm, it showed him its gratitude by biting him on the finger......not sure if he'll be so keen to be heroic in the future. I will email you some photos over the next few days but thought you'd like to know how we were getting on.
Love from
Jennifer, Bob, Roban, Mara, Storm and Carmen xx

We are pleased to let you all know that all our Arbroath Shelter cats – Domino, Rosie, Ryker, Felix and Rolo have now all found forever homes in their local area. We wish them all the very best for the future.

Miranda, Pippa and Dylon, now called Merry, Pippin, and Smoag, have found a great forever home together and have settled in happily. They are being thoroughly spoiled and are all enjoying life.


We have been inundated recently with kittens - we don't know where they have all been coming from! We are happy to say that all these little lovelies have now been adopted by special and loving families - thank God that they have all been rehomed by Cats Protection, all healthy, properly weaned, vaccinated and socialised. Unlike the many sickly little creatures who will be rehomed soon as Christmas presents through Gumtree for £30 each! We have posted just a few photos here of the many we have successfully rehomed. Austin and Adele (now Millie), Donizetti (now Doni), Tosca, Isolde, Tristan (now Sparky) and Lucia, Aida (now Dee Dee), Jean Pierre (now Alfie) and Burbank (now Rory). A BIG thank you to all our wonderful new owners who have give them all their second chance and the chance of the life they deserve. You are all now officially part of our extended family!

Jon-Boy is now enjoying his forever family and has made himself completely at home. He occasionally sees his own shadow and jinks about a bit as if it is another kitten and he often follows family members about, but his favourite perch would appear to be an accommodating pair of legs.

Marty has found his wonderful forever home where he is much loved. After the first day, when he was rather confused, he settled in and is now enjoying lots of cuddles and lots of play time. His photo shows him exploring the bottom of the waste basket and deciding that it just suited his size and shape.

Hiya - its Millie here, formerly known as Adele. I'm helping mum to type on the laptop. I'm very good at pressing all the keys, mostly the wrong ones though! We are just sending a little message to let you all know how me and Austin are settling in our new home. We love it here and mum's been off work for a month since we got adopted so we have had her company 24 hours a day which has been great! I love to sleep on mum's lap and when daddy comes home at night I enjoy a good snuggle in with him on the couch. I also enjoy following mum around the house and I watch her put on her make up. I asked her for some mascara but she says no! I'm very good at observing what's going on around me and sometimes enjoy watching some TV with mummy and daddy. Austin is very, very playful and always up to mischief! He can sometimes annoy me when I want to sleep and he wants to play but I've learned to tell him off. Mum has been keeping him busy chasing tin foil balls around the house. Austin may be a trouble maker but he's a scaredy cat really. I'm the one who encourages him to explore the house. He was scared to go down the stairs at first but I had already been up and down them and I showed him it was okay :) He gives mummy big kisses and licks her ears while cuddled on the couch. I gave my mummy a fright twice now by hiding in cupboards and she spends ages hunting the house for me but I am always OK, I just like to explore and hide :) My new favourite spot is sitting on top of the washing basket in the bathroom. Austin also meows like a girl, especially at feeding times but maybe that's because I'm so greedy I eat all my food and then what's in Austin's bowl! I'm getting very tired now, think a wee nap on mum's lap is in order before dinner time.

Hi cat lovers, it's gorgeous Tiree and Joni (now Jodi) here to let everyone know our fantastic news. As regular readers will remember, we were in foster care for a long time - ever since we were born in fact. Our foster mum loved us and felt really protective of us and our sisters (Tova and Tiffany) and our mum (Gracie). She told us every day not to worry, that she promised us the very best home and the most special family. We were beginning to wonder if it would ever happen. We went to three of Cats Protection's rehoming days and no one noticed us, no one except our fabulous new mum that is. Our mum had seen us and had applied to adopt us but the time wasn't right. She came to the next open day with the hope that we would still be there and the attitude that "if we were still looking for our forever home, it was just meant to be!" Lo and behold, there we were waiting for her!!!  A home visit was arranged quickly and the rest as they say is history. Our mum is fab and she was just what our foster mum had been hoping for us. She is really kind and completely cat daft. As well as our mum, we share our home with two other cats and, even better than that, a fab human brother. Our foster mum was a wee bit worried at first as we had not known many other humans other than her, but she needn't have worried - we have settled in just fine. Our mum now works from home so we have all the love, attention and TLC a couple of wee girlies like us could dream of. The only thing that makes us a wee bit sad is our mum and two sisters are still waiting for their second chance - we pray that they won't need to wait much longer for their forever family and will be as lucky as we were. They say that good things come to those who wait - this was certainly true for us and we can't thank our new family enough for giving us a home where we will be loved and cherished all our lives and for Cats Protection for finding them for us. Big purrs and kisses for Tiree and Jodi xxxxxxxxx

Hello there from me, Chase. Many thanks to all at Cats Protection for finding me a new forever home. I am now the top cat in a plush set of stables with plenty of space for me to explore and where my health problems will not be an issue. See you folks and lots of purrs, Chase. p.s. if I get any hot tips straight from the horses mouth I will let you know!

Hi cat people from me, Molly. Just a short note to let you know I have now got a lovely new home of my own. I am spoiled by all the family who never get tired of playing with me and making sure I have plenty of cuddles. Many thanks to all at Cats Protection for finding me this forever home, lots of purrs, Molly

Hi all, its Heidi here. Well, here I am in my new home down in the Borders where I have been adopted by a lovely couple and best of all my new mum does not work so I have company all day. I am coming out of my shell slowly and am getting used to having the freedom to go outside now. It is heaven being able to play and be safe when I go out so all in all what a great outcome. Thanks again to all at Cats Protection for finding me my forever home, lots of purrs, Heidi.

Well hello there, its wee dainty Tinkerbell here to tell you all about my new home and my fab new Mum and Dad. The moment I arrived I knew this was to be my forever home. I spent no time at all in getting stretched out on the carpet and making my self at home. I love cuddles - and am getting loads of them from my new owners - I really could not be happier. I had a wee nose out in the garden, but as soon as I heard my Mum rattling my treat bags I was right back in. Thanks to all at Cats Protection for finding me my purrfect home. Love and Lots of Purrs - Tinkerbell


Hi everybody, it's Jack here speaking to you from my lovely new home. Most of you will know me by now because I was a bit of a media star for a while, appearing on Facebook and in the local newspaper. But for those of you who don't know me, I was unfortunately born with one of my back legs facing the wrong way round and this did make it a little difficult to get around. Eventually I had to have that silly old leg taken off but I can manage not too bad without it, although it did mean I couldn't be sent to just any old home, it had to be somewhere extra special. My foster mum spent a long time looking for somewhere that I would love and I was starting to worry that I might never have a forever home. It made me feel a little blue sometimes but my foster mum just kept searching until eventually she found me a perfect new home. My new mum is so lovely and her house and garden are just perfect for me and my three legs, I'm really spoiled now and even have a new pal here to play with sometimes. I'll just finish now with a big old thank you to all you humans out there who sent in money for my doctor's bills. It was very nice of you and I think it was all worthwhile because I'm really happy now. Lots of purrs, love Jack.

Update 2015: We adopted Jack a few years ago now - he’s the wee cat who was born with a backwards leg and you managed to raise funding for him to have it removed. Just wanted to let you know that he’s doing very well in his new home and is in great health. He’s very happy and confident though he still hasn’t mastered deciding which side of a closed door he wants to be on - if he’s in he wants out and vice versa.

Jack  Jack  Jack  Jack
Jack  Jack  Jack  Jack