Rehomed Rascals 2013


These are some of the cats we have rehomed in 2013:

Marvin Rehomed Dec

Bijoux Rehomed Dec


Hi Carmelita here just to let you know i have settled into my new home. It did take me a few days to come out of hiding but after that i explored the whole house. Loving being brushed, playing with toy mice and have a favorite red ball that i carry about and drop it at my new family's feet to throw up the stairs for me to chase it then ping it back down waiting for it to be thrown back up. As for my other toys most of them end up under the sofa and I need to get mum or dad to find them in the morning. I have been true to expectations and have been very chatty with some good conversations. Been outside a couple of times now, but not for very long as it is still a bit cold and windy, lets hope the summer is better. Thanks for finding me a new home, Carmelita.

Nula Rehomed Dec


Hi Victoria here just to give a quick update. I have settled in very quickly and inspected the whole house on my first night, checking out all the noises and comfy spots. Have been following everyone around like a shadow occasionally getting under feet as i need to make sure i am not missing anything. Enjoying playing but not with the proper cat toys but will chase every crinkly sweet wrapper that is dropped of pinged across the room including finding the ones i missed at 2am. i do turn into a floppy cat when picked up which my new family find amusing but i'm loving being the lap cat getting tummy rubs and paw massages. Thanks for finding me my new home, Victoria.  


Eva Rehomed Nov


Pixie Rehomed Nov


Mitzi Rehomed Nov


Lily Rehomed Nov

Bubbles Rehomed Nov 

Ebony Rehomed Nov 

Jet Rehomed Nov 

Shaboo Rehomed Nov 

Kizzy and Misty are enjoying life with their new family. Although still a bit wary of strangers who visit, they are spending a lot of time vying for attention for cuddles, from their new Mum, who usually ends up with one on each side of her.



Hi, it's me Kia, To let you good folks know that I have my forever home with my new dad. I wasn't that long in the house when I decided, Yes, this is for me. Dad plays lots with me and I sleep on his bed (just to keep him company like) and after we have had our play time we settle down, me on his lap, to watch TV. I'm happy, confident and contented. Thanks for finding dad for me. 


Midnight is loving her new home where she has settled in very well, and is having a great time playing with her toys and getting lots of cuddles.


Squeak Rehomed Nov 


Hi Poppy here I'm now settling into my new home with a lovely new mum and dad. I have also acquired a big brother who I'm in the process of teaching him that I intend to be the one who calls the shots around here. He will get the message! I get loads of cuddles and mum makes sure I get the food I like. So thank you for finding me my new home.

Hi Georgia here just to let everyone know i have settleied in well in my new home. It took a long time for the right people to come forward but it is the perfect match. I was a bit nervous and hid for the first couple of days, but it didn't take long to find the warm spot infront of the log fire and a so far, secret spot that my new servents can't find. I have explored every space including the kitchen counter which i have been told is a no go area but we will see about that. I have also decided the walpaper is not to my liking so have removed a couple of sections. Happy playing chasing string and that difficult to catch red dot, i will get it one day. I have only briefly sniffed outside but didn't go far as it was cold & wet so decided the spot at the fireplace was calling. Thanks for finding me my new home, Georgia.


Ollie Rehomed Nov

Hi there, Blitz and Onyx here. Just a quick message to say that we've both settled in really quickly to our new families and we're just loving exploring all the new places! We'd like to say thanks to our foster family for finding us the perfect homes, and also to the Cats Protection for taking us in. 

Enya Rehomed Oct

Ben and William rehomed Oct

Bunny Hop Rehomed October 

Suzie, renamed Sophie, has settled very well with her new family. She loves playing, being petted/cuddled, and eating. She has grown quite a bit since her adoption and is thoroughly enjoying her new home.

Shania Rehomed Oct

Everyone will be so happy to hear that wee Nina, our wee black long haired kitten who was born with one eye went to her forever home on Friday 4th October.  The sad thing is she went straight into her basket and never looked back. Huh!!!  Her foster dad managed to grab her back, gave her a wee squeeze and knew she would be okay!  She has gone to live with a lovely family who already has a CP rescued cat, Diesel, who apparently is Lord of the Manor and has staff, not owners! He lazes around all day, so he’d better watch when wee Nina wants to play… which is 99% of the time.  Her foster dad isn’t too far away, so watch this space, hope to have updates, as she had a special place in everyone’s heart!

Hiya, it's Fluffy and Tabitha here! Just a quick message from us to say that we've finally found our purrrfect forever home! We have a lovely new mum and dad who are spoiling us rotten! We're having a great time in our new home and can't wait to explore outside. We've both settled in really easily and are already so comfortable in our new surroundings. We're so happy that we have such amazing parents and we both think we're so so lucky! A big thank you to the Cats Protection for taking us in and much love to our foster family who cared for us and found us our new home! 


Puss Rehomed Sept



Hi Folks, It's me Smudge to tell you I'm in my forever home with my forever mum. Here we are two old dears together. Nice comfy lap to lie on and have my ears and chin scratched. I curl up on her bed at night soft and warm. I have a quiet neighbourhood to stroll round and a garden to call my own. What more could a cat like me want? Food, well yes, mum sure provides that (she gets my favourites ) So there one contented cat.


We are pleased to let you know that Bella has been rehomed locally by her own branch. We wish the all the best for the future.

Hi cat lovers, we have some very sad news and also some very happy news. Our regular readers will remember a precious little cat we rescued last year called Saskia. She came into foster care after being found in a garden with horrendous injuries thought to have been caused by human interference. Between our vets and her foster mum she was nursed back to health and amazingly was the most trusting, happy and loving cat. She became famous when we decided to make her the star of our garden party in 2012 and we were delighted as a fabulous couple adopted her and her wee friend Pepi. She lived the good life for over a year with her devoted mum and dad and all was well until a couple of weeks ago, suddenly developed a serious illness which sadly she never recovered from. Her mum and dad were devastated and knew they would never ever replace their precious Saskia, but they really wanted to give another one of our little rescues a second chance and wanted to give Pepi another wee feline pal as she was pining for her friend. Sam was lonely after all his kitty friends had been adopted leaving him on his own. In no time he had another four little friends to play with, but sometimes didn't realise that he was a lot bigger than they were and scared them half to death playing rough with them. What he needed was a nice new home where he got the attention he craved and a nice new pal who was big enough to play with him. Yes you've guessed it, another happy ending for all. Sammy (now called Felix) now has a fabulous new mum and dad and Pepi and Felix now have each other. We will never forget Saskia and wish all the family lots of health and happiness.

Hi everyone, we are over the moon to let you all know that another two of our gorgeous kittens have now packed their wee kitty bags and are off to start a wonderful new life. After being unwanted almost as soon as they were born Oonagh (now Betty) and Lottie (now Maggie) are now very much part of a loving family. The girls are not related but are the best of friends, Betty always being the "wee mum" to the other kittens in foster care, washing them and fussing over them. So you can imagine how happy we were when this lovely family wanted to adopt both girls. They came to a family of all boys, Findlay, Lewis, Fraser and not forgetting dad, so their new mum is very pleased now as it has evened up the girls in the family!!


The good times have well and truly come now for these two lovelies, as they are already very much part of the family,and we wish them all the happiness in the world. Thank you so much for giving them their loving forever home and their much needed second chance.

Here is what their mum has to say
"Hi Roz, just want to thank you again for all the time you gave Fraser and me on Friday. The girls are now Maggie (was Lottie) and Betty (was Oonagh). The boys adore them and they have settled well. Both wild!! Also very affectionate. My husband awoke on the couch after falling asleep with the two of them snoring away on top of him. Will try and update you as and when. Thanks again" We love a happy ending!!!


We are delighted to let all our followers know that our special kittens Pippin and Eilidh have gone to their forever home together. As our regular readers will know little Pippin was found abandoned on a pet shop doorstep in Bathgate so flea infested that it took his foster mum two full days to rid him of these life threatening pests and throughout his ideal he never stopped purring. He soon became a firm favourite with all the WL volunteers and only the very best new owners would do for this wee man. Eilidh had been with us in foster care for a long time and we just could not understand why she was being overlooked. Again only the best would do for our little princess. Well we're pleased to say that their new mum and dad fell head over heels in love with them both, and although these kittens are not related they were firm friends and were adopted together, so they have feline company when mum and dad are out working. In only a few days they have settled in well and are keeping their new humans on their toes!!! I can see a mummy's boy and a daddy's girl developing here. A big thank you to their wonderful new owners who have given them both their much needed second chance and to Rintouls in Bathgate for allowing us the absolute pleasure in adopting wee Pippin.
Here is what new mum and dad have to say about their new arrivals.
" Eilidh and Pippin have been keeping us busy! Both have settled in really well and provide us with much laughter as they run about chasing each other. They seem to be bonding really well with each other too. They are lovely, happy kittens and that is a credit to the job that you do, so thank you very much. "


Another happy ending for two more of our gorgeous kittens. We are happy to let everyone know that our two handsome boys Frodoand Merry (now renamed Gizmo) have gone to their new home together and are settling in just fine. We knew they wouldn't be in foster care long but we were overwhelmed by the interest we had in these two kittens. Their new mum and dad had been catless for too long and when searching our website for the right new additions to the family just couldn't resist those faces - who could? Now their lives are just beginning and they have such happy times to come exploring the wide world and looking forward to lots of love and TLC when they come in. Thank you so much to their wonderful mum and dad for giving them their forever home and their second chance.
Here is what their mum has to say
"Just a quick e mail to let you know that the boys are both fine and settling in well.
Frodo is the rather timid one, and taking his time. He is eating drinking and using the litter tray no problems. He does let us stroke him when wanting fed so he will be fine.
Gizmo is aptly named, in to everything, not at all bashful, climbing, exploring, wanting picked up and follows us every where. He too is eating drinking and litter tray no problem.
The boys love the stairs up and down all the time, and when not chasing each other are all cuddled up in the same bed."

Hi folks, it's Darcy, I'm settling into my forever home, it's great! There's lot of room for me to hare around in and there is stairs which I can fly up and down. But I must tell you there is a room up there that has a shiny wall and there is a another kitten who by the way looks just like me! and its there every time I go in! I've got lots of toys and I just play and play till I'm all tuckered out. My humans are great and they give me lots of cuddles and I know I'm the centre of attention and we all get along just fine. 



Jacy Rehomed Aug.



Kitten & Jess Rehomed by Owner. We hope they and their new owners will be very happy together.

Jackson has now been adopted and has taken up residency in the perfect countryside home with acres of beautiful gardens to eventually explore.
"He is settling in just fine - was keen to get out of bedroom so he now has the run of upstairs and the hallway. He has 'met' my other cats through the French doors - no hackles on either side."

Hi folks, another happy ending to report. Shikira came into foster care in early June with her sister Shania and her mum Enya. They came to us seriously malnourished and very traumatised. Their combined weight was only equal to one healthy adult cat, and when their foster mum saw them, her heart melted. They had obviously never been made to feel special in their whole lives. Their mum had been allowed to have kittens when their owner could barely afford to keep one cat, and when they reached around a year old, their owner decided for their own welfare to give them up for rehoming. Since being in foster care, they were thoroughly spoiled, with good food, treats and plenty of TLC. They slowly began to respond to the affection they were receiving and started to gain confidence. They would gaze longingly through the wire of their outside run wishing they could be out exploring in the sunshine, and their foster mum told them they were very special and would find very special owners for them soon. We made the unusual decision to rehome them separately as they weren't particularly close and sometimes would bully each other. A long time passed and they went to 2 rehoming days. No one ever asked for them as they weren't kittens. Then a wonderful couple saw Shikira and fell in love with her. In no time, the home visit was arranged and she was adopted. That day, was the first day of the rest of Shikira's (now renamed Kira) life. She now has a chance to make up for all the time she spent cooped up indoors. She will be able to go outside and feel the sun and chase butterflies. She will never need to worry she won't be fed again and she will have all the love and attention a lovely girl like her should have. She will forget all the bad times. A massive thank you to her new mum and dad for giving her a forever home. We are praying that her sister Shania and her mum Enya will also find their guardian angels soon. The photo of Kira taken within a couple or hours of her arriving at her forever home - this says it all!!!


Beau Rehomed by Owner. We hope she and her new owner will be very happy together. 


Hi there, it's Autumn and Amber here! Just a quick message to say that we've been in our new family for a week now and we're both completely settled in. At first Amber was shy, but after our new mum kept coaxing her out of hiding, she finally realised she was in a safe new home and has been as playful as ever since. I settled in straight away however, so it's good to finally be able to play with my sister! Our first night was very daunting but this really is the perfect home and we're so glad we now have the perfect forever family too. We're meeting lots of new faces and are totally loving the attention, and when night time comes we still cuddle up together and sleep on our radiator bed. It's located in the kitchen now too, so when our family is eating dinner we can sit with them at the table. We have the full house to explore and in a few months time we'll be able to explore our new garden too! We would like to thank the Cats Protection for taking us in, and our foster family for giving us a great temporary home and for finding us our forever home. 


Lucky Lucy has now been with her new family since August and is enjoying all the comforts of her forever home.


Hi peeps, here is another happy ending to a very sad story.Victor came to us in the middle of July after being found at only 10 weeks old roaming around people's gardens begging for food. A nice lady alerted us to his plight and we took him into foster care. After being vaccinated and health checked we introduced him to our other kittens so he would have company and feel safe and secure. Even at such a young age, this wonderful, quiet little boy had been abandoned, left alone to fend for himself. My heart just melted when I saw him and wondered what kind of person could have done this to an innocent defenceless kitten. Most kittens, even if they haven't had much of a start in life will come out of their shell after a few days and become confident and playful but not Victor. He cowered when you approached him and rather than mix with his friends, he preferred to play with his toys on his own. He suffered with eye infections because of stress I realised that it was very important to find him a loving new home fast - with someone experienced and kind who would teach him to trust humans again and get him time to gain his confidence.
We were so lucky, as a wonderful couple came to adopt a kitten, after losing their last cat. They could have chosen any kittens but really wanted to give our special wee Victor a second chance. I had a good feeling the day he was adopted as I felt sure that his new family had a lot of patience and a lot of love to give. I'm pleased to say that since going to live with his forever family he is improving by the day. I can truthfully say that I don't think we could have found nicer owners for Victor and likewise I think they are lucky to have such a wonderful little cat. I hope everything goes well for them and we hope they have many years of happiness together. Thank you so much for giving him his second chance.
Here is what his mum says, " Just thought you'd like an update on Victor. He is settling in nicely. He has found a lot of very good hiding places in the house, but is using them less and less. He loves his bed and sitting on the living room window sill watching the birds.
He lets me sit beside him, loves getting his tummy tickled and even came up onto my knee today for a cuddle!! He has a VERY loud purr. 
The kids love playing with him, and in typical cat fashion his favourite toy of all is a piece of string and the "boings" from pets at home. He is a lovely wee cat, although I'm sure I can see him growing every day and is not so wee anymore.
Hope the re homing day went well, Susan x"

Hi everyone, some fabulous news for our wee "shoebox kitten"Henry - he has now packed his wee kitty bags and has moved in with his adoring new family.
As some of you will remember, this wee boy was found abandoned on a doorstep in a shoebox, and if it hadn't been for the kindness of the lady who found him and alerted CP, who knows what would have been the outcome? We, at CP believe that we can no longer be shocked at what some people can do, but this appalled us. No one ever came forward to report him as missing, so we will never know how he came to be there. Throughout his ordeal he never stopped purring and in no time became a cheeky, mischievous wee boy, full of nonsense and "cattitude" We hare happy to say that he did not suffer any long-term effects either physically or mentally and grew up to be a very socialised well adjusted wee kitten. We are keen to let everyone know that we will never ever turn our backs on an unwanted kitten, we will always make room for another one as they are not able to look out for themselves in the wild, so there is no need for anyone to abandon a tiny kitten, no matter what the circumstances. Anyway, he was snapped up in no time, and has now gone to live with a lovely family and is now a very important part of their lives. We thank them for giving him his second chance of happiness and hope they all have many years of fun together.
Here is what his new dad has to say.
"Hi Roz, a quick email to let you know how Henry and ourselves are getting on! He has generally settled in fine. He is eating and drinking well, using his litter tray regularly and is comfortable with ourselves and the children. The kids think he is great and have been playing with him all week. Henry is currently dozing on his radiator bed in the kitchen, half watching the kids make fairy cakes!"
Hi cat folk of west Lothian, some more purrrfect news. Brodie (now Spartacus) and Murray (now Seamus) - loving the new names!!! have left foster care and have now become the bosses of their new mum and dad's home. As you can see from the photos, they have well and truly got them wrapped around their little furry paws. The boys are brothers and are soul mates, so when their new mum and dad asked for both of them, their foster mum was delighted. Even more so was the fact that these lucky wee boys were the first kittens to be adopted from a number of kittens available for adoption. Spartacus and Seamus are both completely black, and it is well known that black kittens and cats usually take 40% longer to be adopted than the more "popular" colours. Their devoted parents had already set their hearts on the boys, and when they came to meet them they were not disappointed. They loved their cheeky, mischievous natures and wanted to take them straight away. Unfortunately as they were due to go on holiday for a few days they had to wait, but definitely agreed like all good things in life they were worth the wait. They have now settled in as though they had always been there and their mum and dad can barely remember what life was like before they adopted them. This is what we like to see - another purrfect ending. A big thank you to the boy's new owners and we look forward to getting updates on their progress.
Here is what their mum has to say, 
" Hey Roz! Hey Ian! Here are a few pictures for you both. They really are priceless and they just adore each other. Even though Spartacus is more of a scrapper, we think Seamus is perhaps the boss. It's like we've had them for ages already and we have lucked out so much so thank you both. Eating, sleeping and everything else - not one accident!!! Oh and forget about their new bed, they now completely own the couch - and us for that matter given that Rusty and I are in love! Suckers. We'll keep you posted! Best wishes,"

We are very pleased to say that Frankie, who has been in our care for a year and a month, has at last found the forever home that  he deserves, and has waited so long for. Frankie has settled in very well; has investigated all of the cupboards in the house; sits on the fridge to watch his new Mum work in the kitchen; interacts with the two children in the family; has fallen in love with Megan, and sleeps at the end of her bed. A home worth waiting for Frankie.


Buddy has found his forever home, has settled in well, and thoroughly enjoys playing with his two new brothers. We are pleased to say that T.C. has been happily living with his new family since August.



Hi cat lovers, here are some more of our gorgeous wee kittens who have fallen onto their dainty wee paws and gone off to the blue wide yonder to start their new lives.Donal and Orlaith are not siblings but lived together with their brothers and sisters. As all the kittens in these litters were very close, their foster mum didn't mind splitting the litters and as you can see from the photos of them in their new home, they are having a ball together. We were so pleased that Sarah and her mum chose these two as usually all black kittens and cats are the last to be rehomed. They had already chosen them before meeting them and as soon as they met the kittens they were well and truly smitten. They weren't in foster care any time at all and as you can see they've also not taken long to settle in and take over the house. A big than you to their two new mums, especially for taking a pair - we hope you have many happy years together.
Their mum says "Donal and Orlaith have settled into their new home nicely. They are having fun exploring the house and playing with their new toys"


Harvey & Lily Rehomed July

A wee update on Smillia. She is getting on brilliantly, very friendly and always wanting to sit on Mum's knee and lies at the bottom of her bed every night. She is keen to see who is coming in to the house and comes to say hello.

Hi Folks, Just to let you know Neil & I (Stella) are settled in our forever home after a very long time infoster care. Our new mum is great and welcomed us with open arms. We now have 2 companion catswhich we are getting on with very well. There are open fields all around our housewith lots of places to explore. We love our new mum and can be her shadow following her around the house, so we are now one big happy family. There is a perfect home out there for each of us if we wait long enough, Thanks Neil & Stella.

Petite Rehomed July 

Hi folks, another two of our lovely kittens have landed on their wee paws and have now got their furry wee feet well and truly under the table of their doting new mum and dad. Our readers will remember them on our website as Nancy andThomas - they have now been renamed Skara and Skapa  - in celebration of the wonderful Orkney Islands, where their new mum comes from - we are all in agreement - these are fabulous new names.


We didn't receive a lot of interest in this gorgeous duo, as longhaired cats and kittens always attract less interest than shorthaired ones. With a little extra care and commitment, starting grooming from an early age will mean that it becomes a short daily task and not a big chore if the fur is left to become matted. Their new mum and dad were not phased at all by this and they were quite happy to keep their babies lovely long fur in pristine condition.


The kittens have been with their new family for a couple of months now and they have settled in as though they have always been there and are having all the fun a couple of playful kittens should be. We thank their new family who have given these charming little kittens a much needed second chance of happiness. It's sad to think that at only a few weeks old these kittens find themselves unwanted but with the right families they have been given the chance of a lifetime of love. They also help other unwanted kittens by adopting a rescue animal it means that their foster space is freed up which in turn helps us to help the many others out there that desperately need our help.


We wish you all many years of fun and happiness together. 



Here is what their new mum says " Hi Roz Scapa and Skara have settled into our family,nicely, Scapa is very friendly and loved to come up for cuddles, Skara is a little more timid she has found a spot behind the couch to sleep in she is starting to come up for cuddles as well, we love having them, Morgan was so happy to get them she loves lying on the couch giving scapa cuddles and playing with skara it's so funny watching them run around the house playing with each other. Thanks again Kirsty xx "


One of the most beautiful looking cats that was ever fostered, (and everyone’s foster cat is the most beautiful, but she was), has now found her foster home, and she couldn’t have landed better on all four paws: she went to live with one of our volunteers and their other three CP cats!  As well as being the most beautiful cats, she also had a great placid nature, literally going about with a smile on her face and just wanted to be involved with everything and everyone: what a great wee cat she was! Long haired brown tabby, just braw! Anyhow, the updates, (and you know we do check!), are that she has settled in just too well, and going by the photographs, she has everyone wrapped round her wee paw, literally lounging on the sofa wondering when her next tin of tuna was coming!  She’s a wee ‘diva’ and she knows it!!!




Hi Folks its the handsome Sooty here - just sending you a few lines to let you know how all has worked out just perfect for me. 
I came into CP when my lovely owner sadly passed away and of course I really missed her but after being with my foster Mum a lovely couple saw me on the web page and then they came to see me at an open day. They fell in love with me and I took to them straight away - a match made in heaven  I have been spoiled  rotten and could not  ask for more  love and attention. Thank you CP getting me my fab owners and my perfect forever home Love Sooty x

Great news! Mia and Misty have now been rehomed. Both Cats have found loving families outwith the Arbroath area thanks to being on our web site. Our aim is to find loving homes for our cats but if we can assist other branches to rehome cats they are finding hard to rehoming, we will try our best to assist. So in this instance we have managed to help both girl’s find their furrever home. We wish them all the happiness for the future.


We are pleased to let you know that Jack & Maisy have been rehomed locally by their own branch. We wish the all the best for the future.


Hi folks, just to let you all know that our special boy Gatsby has now fallen on his big furry feet and landed himself with the best mum and dad in the whole wide world - and that's official!!!


I, as his foster mum wondered where I would find someone who would love him enough and we kept waiting and wondering - but as we all know the right home is always out there somewhere and I have to say that we couldn't have found better if we'd knitted him new owners ourselves!! 


He was the only boy for them and it was obvious from the disdainful look he gave me as I waved him off that he had now started bonding with his his doting new parents - so as I say "job done!!"  After a wee shaky start adapting to life in a home again please check out his diary 
(Click Here), - it had been a long time since he had lived in a house he has now settled in just fine and has now got his wee feet firmly under the table, or on the bed or on his dads knee or anywhere he wants to really!!! 


A BIG THANK YOU to his wonderful new mum Michelle and dad Neil who have taken their lovely boy from rags to riches and given him the most important gift - that of a second chance. We love you lots - please keep in touch Roz, Ian and all at WLCP. 



Hi Gloria here or rather as i am now known as Holly. I have been here a few weeks now and settling in fairly well. It took a few weeks before i was up next to my new mum on the sofa and now when she has visitors i keep a watchfull eye from my safe corner on what they are doing. I am a bit of a shadow following mum around the flat making sure i don't miss out on any food going spare. I have my mad half hour usually in the middle of the night and have woken mum up with the bell in the ball but she doen't mind this too much. Thanks for finding me my new home, Holly.

We are pleased to let you know that Fluffy and Trevor have been rehomed locally by their own branch. We wish the all the best for the future.


Hi cat lovers, just to let you all know that these lucky little kittens have all settled in nicely to their forever homes. 
Lucky little Wesley (now called Gizmo) was snapped up by his new family before he had even appeared on our adoption page. While he had been in foster care, he had been the timid one of the three being bossed around and hen pecked by his more confident sisters. Within the first 24 hours of arriving home with his new family he had settled in as if he had always been there and had come right out of his shell. He is now a very much loved part of his loving new family and will grow up with his devoted siblings - there's no looking back for him now!!


Aimee and Ava were in foster care a wee while longer as they were so close and were looking for a family who would adopt them as a pair - but again, as soon as their new fmaily met them - they were smitten and it was love at first sight. And who could resist those adorable "butter wouldn't melt" faces? They also have been adopted by a fabulous family and will grow up alongside their lovely human siblings, where they are being made a great fuss of and already have become part of the family.


We thank both families who have given these charming little kittens a much needed second chance of happiness. It's sad to think that at only a few weeks old they find themselves unwanted but with the right families they have been given the chance of a lifetime of love. 


They also help other unwanted cats and kittens by adopting a rescue animal it means that their foster spaces are freed up which in turn helps us to help the many others out there that desperately need our help.


We wish you all many years of fun and happiness together.


Max and Mika have now found their forever home in the Edinburgh area. They have a wonderful new mum and dad who were looking for indoor cats and, as we at West Lothian don’t often get many indoor cats for rehoming, we will help other branches in trying to rehome any indoor cats they have. Our Arbroath branch often get indoor cats to rehome so we will gladly put them on our website as a lot of people in our area want indoor cats. So - a happy ending all round, we have helped another branch and we have helped a family find their purrfect furry friends.
We are pleased to let you know that Tupak and Moonie have now found their forever homes in their own areas. We wish them well for the future.


Hi, just a wee note from Toby and Lily, we have now been re-homed and we are settling in really well. We have a lovely new Mum and Dad, we have lots of new places to explore in our new home and lots and lots of new toys. We are also looking forward to exploring our new garden in a month's time. Thank you to our foster family for looking after us and finding a perfect family and home for us and to Cats Protection x

Hi Folks it's  wee Bertha here to tell you all about my fab new home. My new Mum spotted me at the open day and she fell in love with me. My new Mum  and me just adore each other and she spoils me more by the minute, I could not have asked for a better home. I heard my Mum telling my foster Mum that I have made myself at home by curling up in bed beside her and getting myself stretch out along the window sill all I need now is the sunshine! I brought one of my favourite toys with me and I just love hiding it in her bed, it's a wee catnip mouse, but I get away with doing this as she loves me loads. Thanks Cat Protection for finding me my new Mum and my perfect home Bertha xxx

Morse rehomed MayHello everyone, Morse reporting here from my perfect new home.  I am a very lucky boy as I caught the eye of my mum and dad at my first homing day and we fell instantly in love with each other.  Mum and dad are quickly realising that I am not just adorable but I am also cheeky!  So far they have caught me with my paw in the milk jug (well, find me a cat who could resist a jug of milk) and have had to take their kitchen units apart to rescue me from underneath after I sneaked into a cupboard and squeezed down the back and under it.  They have also released I am not very good at learning from my mistakes because, after a quick cuddle and purr, I was found trying to get underneath the cupboard again!  I have been in my new home for a few weeks now and, as the weather has been unusually brilliant for Scotland, mum and dad have taken me out for a few supervised visits in the garden which have been brilliant.  I know it won't be long before I am allowed out myself but, after living as a stray for so long and because I am so happy in my new forever home with my wonderful mum and dad, I won't be going far.  Anyway, I'd better go as I'm sure I just heard a mum and dad say something about roast chicken for tea - my favourite!!!  Lots of purry headbutts, Morse xxx

Hello everyone, Isla here, taking some time out from exploring my new home and making friends with my new mum to let you know I have really landed on my paws - my new home and mum are fantastic! The first day I was here I was a bit shy and scared so I hid in a cupboard but I soon realised how great my new mum is because she just left me there so that I could find my confidence. Well, once that was found (within 12 hours of my arrival) there was no stopping me. I explored every millimetre of my new pad, including up the chimney! At night, I have been teaching mum my favourite game which involves me jumping from the windowsill on to her feet when she is in bed. I find it brilliant fun but I think it may have given mum a bit of a fright the first night I did it. I am a very spoilt little cat now, my mum bought me a radiator bed and my human big brother appeared at the door one day with a huge scratching post with toys attached, both of which I love. Mum knows that if I am having a cat nap, I can be found either in my radiator bed or stretched out on her bed. As I have been here for almost two months now I have been able to get out and enjoy the fresh air and feel the grass under my paws once more. Mum was a bit worried when she couldn't see me out the window one day but a quick search soon found me in our neighbours' garden having a wee sniff of their strawberry plants. They smell very tasty and, as I don't quite get the difference between human food and cat food, I am sure I will be having a wee nibble when they are ripe! The best thing about going outside now is, because Cats Protection got me neutered, I am not being hassled and chased by all the local boy cats. Mum reckons I am a great wee character and I think she is brilliant too so I know we are going to have a long and happy life here together. I now understand that all those months in foster care were just so that Cats Protection could find me my perfect home and family and boy am I glad they didn't give up the search until they had found that place. Anyway, I had better go now as my human big brother has just arrived and, although I was a bit suspicious of him at first, I now know he is fantastic at playing! Lots of love and purry headbutts, Isla xxx


We are pleased to advise that Susie has now found a lovely indoor home in the Arbroath area. We wish her and her new family many years of happiness together.

Hello everyone, I'm Blue and I have some great news. After a year waiting for a new home I have finally landed on my wee paws and have the best new mum and dad. My previous owner was very sad to have to rehome me but she had a change in personal circumstances and knew it was best I found a new home. Things have been a little up and down since my move but my mum and dad are doing everything in their power to make this transition as easy as possible. I know that given a few more weeks I will be fully settled and ready to enjoy the rest of my life with my new family. Thank you to Cats Protection for not giving up on me.

We are so pleased to let you all know that Lucas and Asher have found their forever home. Their new mum is an experienced cat owner and she was not put off in the slightest with Lucas’s temperament. We knew we had to find someone special for these boys and who was understanding of Lucas’s needs. Lucas and Asher came to us from a household where feral cats came and went, their mother was feral and the boys did not have a lot of human interaction. Luckily Asher came round quite quickly after coming into foster care but Lucas was extremely wary and nervous of people. He soon settled and was happy to be in your company but he would not let you stroke him. He continued to make small improvements but he is still wary of you going to touch him and that is why we needed someone who would continue to support his progress. The boys had only been in their new home a short time before they were exploring and running mad around the house. Lucas is continuing to progress and we know that we found the purrfect owner for them. We thank Lucas and Asher’s mum so much for giving these boys a wonderful future to look forward to.

Jasper has now gone to a lovely lady in Bo'ness and whose house has a safe garden where he will be able to explore the great outdoors for the first time in his life. Great excitement for Jasper, we'll miss him but wish him good times ahead.

Sophia and her baby Erin have now gone to their forever home. They are now in a lovely quiet home with two cat loving ladies. This will suit Sophia as she had a very traumatic time during the first eight weeks of her pregnancy. We rescued her just in time to have her babies in a secure place. We are sure we will hear all about their progress

Our two beautiful kittens, Daisy and Darcy, are now in their new forever home. They have settled well with two resident older cats and a very old dog. We hear from their new mum regularly and hopefully this will continue.

Hi peeps, it's me, Dido or, as I am now called, Minou! I'm delighted to share my good news with all you fab cat lovers in West Lothian. After being handed in as a stray and living with my foster mum for quite a few weeks, no one from my previous life ever came to claim me. My old family didn't microchip me, so sadly they could never be traced - and nothing was known of my time before I was fostered although my foster mum always maintained I have been a very well loved pet who had for whatever reason become lost possibly miles away from my original home. Anyway my foster mum got me all sorted out at the vets including the most important thing of all - my microchip (just in case I felt like wandering again, at least this way I can be reunited with my owners). I was in foster care for quite a while before anyone enquired about me, but I wasn't bothered as my foster mum said that she would find me that very special forever home. I've heard that since I've been adopted there have been loads of people asking for me, but I'm glad to say that I'm purrfectly happy where I am and I couldn't have found a nicer family to take care of me. I have a new mum and dad and a human baby sister Mara and a cool human brother Roban. My foster mum was very happy when she knew my new family wanted me as they had already adopted one of her foster babies Carmen last year. So as well as my wonderful human family to keep me company, I've also got a new pal to play with. I've even got a great new name which I love - I'm now Minou (which means kitty in French :-)  I've got everything a friendly wee girl like me could ever want and this time, I'm going to stay put and I'll not be wandering off anymore. A big thank you to my new family for giving me a second chance and to Cats Protection for helping me find them. Lots of purry furry kisses Minou xxxx

Here is what Minou's new mum has to say - "After a lot of deliberation we have decided to name her Minou (it is French for kitty) - although Mara calls her 'Baby'. She is brilliant!! On the first afternoon there was a lot of growling between her and Carmen and I would say it took a couple of days to settle down totally. They are now really good together, they seem to have a daft half hour every morning chasing each other around the house and then flake out for a wee nap. They are not at the stage of sharing a bed yet but they do eat together. She is an extremely affectionate cat and as soon as you sit down she seems to take that as her cue to sit beside you. She is fantastic - particularly with Mara. I wonder if she has been in a house with a wee one before as she seems to know instinctively what to do around her and is quite often found sitting under the high chair in case some food finds its way to her. She doesn't seem to like Mara crying and will come to investigate what the problem is. She likes Mara's 'cuddles' and even tolerates her trying to get into the cat basket beside her. She likes to lie on the bed beside Roban and snuggles in under his chin. We wondered if she has been a house cat previously as Roban tried to take her out into the garden on the lead and she shot back into the house, which also might explain the lack of microchip? Anyway, she has settled in perfectly and she is a lovely wee cat.

We are so very pleased to inform that our wee Lola, who has waited for her forever home since last July, finally landed on all four of her furry paws and is now very happily living with her new mum. Lola has really settled in, is wandering about her new home, is bonding well with her Mum and is gaining more confidence every day. Well done Lola.

Emmie and Molly are now settled in with their new mum and are loving their new home. Emmie has taken over the radiator bed in the bedroom and Molly is sleeping on mum's knee whenever the opportunity arises. They love playing on the stairs, chasing each other and having play fights. They also like sitting at the kitchen door with the long window watching the world go by and eager for the day they can go out and explore.

Hi cat lovers of West Lothian, meet this gorgeous bunch of kittens, Benson, Kiki, Troy, Hector, Corrie and Jessica who all came into foster care just after Christmas 2012. They all starred at the rehoming day held on January 12th and were snapped up by devoted new owners before they had a chance to appear on our adoption webpage.
Corrie and Jessica (now Flynn and Jess) were adopted together by an experienced cat loving couple which was lovely as Corrie was very shy and relied on his more extrovert sister to look out for him - they have both settled in well and are thriving.
Kiki was the first to be reserved - her new family and human sister Jade fell in love with her gentle nature and beautiful grey markings - she has now become well and truly part of the family.
Troy and Hector (now Alfie and Oscar) are proper Daddy's boys - who are worshipped by their new mum and dad. Fiona tells me even though they are sometimes naughty, she wouldn't have it any other way and they simply can't remember what life was like before they were around.
Benson (now the wonderful Mr Boris Miaowgi!!) has a besotted new mum, Morag, a devoted human brother Michael and a Granny pin cushion!!! He was his foster dad's little treasure and only the best would do for him - and believe me, he got the best.
Here is what he has to say ..... "Dear Auntie Roz and Uncle Ian, I've settled really well into my new home with my new family. I've got them all wrapped round my little paw and I'm a very spoilt young boy cat! My hairy brothers are great fun. Murphy (he's a cat like me) is huge but I'm not sacred of him at all. He gives me cuddles everyday and likes to lick me all over. He says he's cleaning me, but I think it's just cos I taste so good! Barney (he's a dog) thinks he is the protector of the family. He follows me around like a shadow making sure I'm safe and he smiles at me a lot. But when I do my side stepping Indian war dance he gets a fright and runs away (big scaredy dog really!) he likes to lick me too (I told you I taste great!) Barney has a big fluffy tail which he wags a lot. I like pouncing on it, I think he likes that cos it makes him wag it even more! The three of us hairy babies (Mum's special name for us) all run about playing together, it's so much fun! We've got lots of toys. My favourite was a seahorse on a dangly string but Murphy and me got too rough with it and we ripped its head off so mum promised to buy me a new one. My other favourite is tinfoil balls! I could chase those bad boys all over the house for hours! Mum sits for ages rolling bits of tinfoil up for me and I think it's great fun to kick them all under the TV unit then scream at her until she goes and fetches them for me! Granny usually pops in to visit us every day. She's allergic to cats but she still gives me cuddles and fusses me even though I make her sneeze and get itchy eyes! She's another one who spoils us with treats! It's great when she visits, I call her my Granny Pincushion cos I like to jump up and knead her legs with my kitty claws! My human brother Michael is my best friend. He's got lots of patience and is kind to me. I have an obsession with licking his thumb, I pretend it's an ice cream! It makes Michael laugh! We play for ages, then when I'm a wee bit tired I just curl up on his knee and have a snooze. He's a comfy person to sleep on! My favourite place to sleep though is on mum's neck! She bought me a nice cosy bed, but I just use it to store my toys in. Every night when mum goes to bed, Murphy and me jump up beside her (Barney is a bit old so he can't jump onto her bed, he lies on the floor beside it) Murphy wraps himself round mum's feet and I drape myself across her neck and we all fall asleep! My favourite way to wake mum up in the morning is by tickling her ace with my claws! I'm very gentle, I just tap tap tap away at her face until she opens her eyes, then I tell her I'm ready for breakfast. I scream and scream louder and louder, shouting "breakfast time!" at the top of my voice, then I run down to the kitchen and stand beside the food cupboard (I learned very quickly what cupboard had my food in it!) I keep screaming until she hands me my breakfast. Mum laughs and says I sound like a fire alarm! I've got a big appetite, my mum says I'll end up a wee chunk if I'm not careful but I keep telling her I'm just a growing boy, so she usually gives in if I'm on the mooch for a treat! That's probably why my weight has doubled since I came to live here! Even though I'm a growing boy, I'm still not big enough to jump up onto the kitchen worktops. And they looked like they needed investigating! So I came up with a cunning plan - use mum as a ladder! She squeals a bit when I climb her but laughs and calls me a "wee monkey" so I know she doesn't mind really! I went to see the V.E.T. which made me nervous, but he said that I'm super healthy and he's glad I weigh more now. 1.2kg and proud of it! I had my second jag and got my microchip and I was a very brave boy. The vet said I'd be sleepy for a while, but I was so happy to get home to my hairy brothers that I ran about playing like a wild thing for an hour and a half! I love living here, the cuddles are awesome and make me purr like a mad thing! Thank you both for being lovely foster parents and for deciding that this was to be my new home! I have a great family, it's definitely a forever home for me here!  Lots of love from Mr Boris Miaowgi (formerly known as Benson).

Hi peeps, it's Rona and Torsa here to let you know our great news. We came into foster care with our brother Harris and sister Skye, who were both adopted fairly quickly. We didn't mind being left as we had each other and also our feline pals Aerial and Allegra to play with. We had some great times playing all day and snuggling up together at night. We had grown really close so we hoped that someone would want to adopt us as a pair. Our new mum had seen us on the adoption page and after a successful home visit came and met us with our soon to be new human sister Aimee. After no time at all, we were reserved and soon heading for our new home. We live in a place which can only be described as kitten heaven, out in the countryside with lots of fields and remote places to explore once we are old enough. The best thing about our new home is our sister Aimee who loves us to bits. She spoils us and plays with us when we're not racing around the house playing catch - we've even started paying the game with real mice!!!!
We also share our home with two dogs who are intrigued by us - but we're not scared of them, even though they're loads bigger than us - we soon showed them who was Top Dog in the house or should we say Top Cats LOL!!!! We're so grateful to our new family for giving us such a wonderful forever home and for Cats Protection for helping us find them - we are both in agreement that they really are the cats pyjamas. Lots of head butts and kisses from Rona and Torsa xxxxx

Hi everyone, its Aerial and Allegra here - two fluff ball sisters who came into foster care as kittens looking for a new home together. Well, just as our foster mum predicted, we were just too cute to be homeless for long. When we were in foster care, we had loads of fun playing together with our two pals Rona and Torsa and loved the feline company, so it was just fantastic when our new family met us, fell in love with us and wanted to adopt the both of us. We weren't in foster care very long and and used all our obvious cuteness to charm our new family who took one look at us and decided that we were the kittens for them!  Since then, we have been in kitty heaven - we've been having the time of our lives and have become very much part of the family. As well as our devoted new mum and dad, we also have the best human brother and sister ever - Katherine and Duncan, who make us feel that we're the most special kittens in the whole wide world - which of course we are!!!
It's brilliant being cherished family pets as know that we have a home for life. We are going to grow up with our family and we can't thank our humans enough for picking us!! Lots of purry, furry kisses from Aerial and Allegra xxxxxxxx

Well folks, its me Sweep and after over a year in foster care I have found my forever home. I didn’t have far to go as I have been adopted by my foster mummy and daddy. When it came to the crunch they just couldn’t find it in their hearts to part with me. After an unsettled start in foster care my mummy gave me the time and space I needed to come out of my shell and when I did I was a completely different cat. At first I would not allow you to stroke me or even come near me but I am glad to say that is all behind me and I am now a loving, friendly wee girl. My mummy already had a cat called Molly and we soon became friends. So things have turned out rather good for me and I am so happy as I can finally go outside and feel the air run through my fur and jump up high to try and catch the birdies. I am so thankful to Cats Protection for taking me in as I now have the family I have always wanted. Please, please consider taking a wee cat into your home, it just isn’t complete without one. Love Sweep.

Hi all, it's Tiffany and Tova here. We were born in foster care on May 29th last year. We had two sisters and two brothers and were very happy for the first few weeks of our lives. Our mum, Gracie, was a very good mum - she was only three years old but she was used to having kittens - we were her fourth litter. Then things started to change. When we were 9 weeks old, our two brothers left - our foster mum told us that they had gone to their forever home but we weren't to worry as we would get one of these wonderful forever homes shortly. A long time passed and we had got used to the five of us playing around and having fun. Then one day a very nice lady came and adopted our two sisters - leaving just us and our mum. It suddenly wasn't so much fun any more, we were getting bigger and sometimes we got on each others nerves. The weather turned colder and we were told in a few weeks it would be Christmas. Our foster mum looked so sad and told us the thing she most wanted for Christmas was to see us settled with a loving family. Then one day a fabulous couple came and adopted our mum (who became Tilly). We missed her for a while but we were told that at long last her troubles were behind her and she was now being treated like a wee princess. We were happy for her, but secretly we wished that someone would treat us like princesses. Time passed and still we waited. Our foster mum used to tell us every day what beautiful girls we were - she didn't want us to hear, but one day we overheard her telling one of the other volunteers how sad she was that we were being overlooked time and time again because of our colour. We were shocked as we had always been used to hearing how lovely we were and we hadn't realised that black cats take 40% longer to rehome in rescue organisations than cats of other colours.  We had reached 8 months old and we were still in foster care - we heard many times how well our mum and siblings were doing - and then our luck changed. We had heard so many times our foster mum saying that sometimes in life the best things are worth waiting for - and she was right.  Our new mum came to meet us with her son, Craig, and it was pretty much love at first sight. We loved them and they loved us. At long last, our foster mum had found a lady who loved us as much as she did, and our foster mum knew straight away. Our foster mum told us many times that she would know instantly who would be "the one"! Our mummy Debbie didn't see "ordinary black cats" - she saw two beautiful girls who were very different in looks and nature once you got to know us. She was prepared to see the beautiful animals underneath and wanted to give us a chance. She had eyes for no one else. We have now settled into our new lives and with this we also got new names - we are now Suckie and Silky - and very pleased we are with them. We are having the time of our lives with our mum and human brother and our time in foster care is now a long distant memory. We can't thank our mum enough for seeing past our colour and for Cats Protection for never giving up on us until we found her. 
Fosterer's note:  Dear Debbie and Craig, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving our wonderful "bookends" the loving home they deserved and for seeing past this ridiculous colour prejudice that hinders black animals all over the country. I always had a picture in my mind of the owner I wanted for them and you are everything and more I ever dreamed of. May you have many happy years together.

We are very pleased to advise that Saffie has quickly found her forever home, which she thoroughly deserves. When she arrived there, she promptly hid under the sofa for an hour or two but then decided that it may be alright to come out and explore. Saffie is now a very affectionate and loving member of her new family, sleeps on the bed, and is happy to interact with her new human sister.

We are pleased to report that Sooty has found his forever home in the Arbroath area. We hope he and his new owner will be very happy together.

Hi folks, Tipsy here. Great news, I have a new mum and my forever home. I just knew whenever I jumped out of foster mum's basket that I could be happy here.
Mum and I are settling into our daily routine - I keep her company and she plays chase the lace with me and I'm looking forward to eventually getting outside and exploring the garden. My new mum says I'm a right bossy boots and it's my way or no way, but I do give in sometimes. I love when we have visitors and I can check them out. I even let them clap me a little. So all is right in our household.
PS Mum says I'm very clever - I agree!

Hello cat people, it's me Bridget. Let me tell you my good news. A lovely family came to meet me and fell in love with me straight away. I am now in my new home where I can carry on my hobby of hair nudging and eating everything that’s put down to me. Thanks to all at Cats Protection for looking after me until my forever home came along. Lots of purrs Bridget.

Hi all, from me Seaforth. Well folks, I have moved on from Cats Protection care and am in my own home now. My name has changed to Hamish and my new mum said if she had to write a list of everything she wanted in a cat then I would tick every box. I am a bog lap cat and if nobody’s at home I chill out on the couch - what more could a cat ask for? Many thanks to Cats Protection for finding me a forever home, lots of purrs, Hamish (Seaforth).

We are pleased to report that Dolly has found her forever home in the Arbroath area. We hope she and her new owner will be very happy together.

Jamie and Josh here folks to let you all know that we are overjoyed to have been chosen together to live with our new family. We now have two big brothers and a new Mum and Dad who, we are reliably informed, are all 'besotted' with us. Our new Mum has said that we are loving, well-behaved and polite wee boys who have settled in very well with our new family. The family have already expressed their thanks to Cats Protection for the the care and attention that we received whilst in foster care.

Hi everyone, Ivy here. Just a wee note to let you all know that I have a lovely new mum and dad to look after me forever. They are so loving, kind and caring, they are spoiling me and I'm loving it! They have bought me lots of new toys to play with which is great fun. Thank you to Cats Protection for looking after me and thanks to my foster family for finding me my purrfect mum and dad. 

Layla, mother of lovely Daisy and Darcy, has found the perfect home with a couple whose little cat passed away last year. She has settled in very well and despite her love of “chase the ball at midnight for at least an hour”, is now very much loved and a huge part of their lives. Obviously she knows this and will no doubt milk the situation for many years to come!

Hi there, it's the lovely wee Sabrina here to let you know I have settled in well at my new home. My Mum and Dad are looking after my every need and I know I have found my forever home. I've been out having a wee nose around the garden but I like my home comforts so I don't go far. I knew Cats Protection would make sure I got a good home and I have landed very lucky on my wee furry paws. Thanks to all who cared for me and got me the purrfect home. Love and Furry Kisses Sabrina xx

Hi everybody it's Shady here to tell you all about my new home. My new Mum had came along to our to our Open Day and when she saw me she knew I was the cat for her and her lovely family. She came along to my foster Mum's house to meet me with her two lovely children and they fell in love with me straight away. They are taking such good care of me and I'm being spoilt rotten. I am so glad they saw me at the open day as I am a wee bit older and sometimes us older girls get passed by. So thank you Cats Protection for finding me my new family and for making me a very happy puss. Love and lots of purrs Shady x x