Rehomed Rascals 2014

Kumi and Yuki Kumi and Yuki Kumi and Yuki

Kumi and Yuki

Kumi and Yuki Rehomed July.

Hi there, I thought I'd send you a happy story....

A year ago today, we adopted our little furbabies - Yuki (ginger) and his sister Kumi (tabbie-tortie) entered our lives.
We'd originally started out only wanting one kitten but when we went for our first visit to see Yuki we also fell in love with his little sister. When Karen Payne, their amazing foster mum, told us how close they were, we simply couldn't separate them. Along with the chaos they've caused chaos and havoc they've wreaked, they've brought so much love.....

Hello, this  is a wee note to let you know how the Addiewell two are getting on, now known as Edger (black & white) & Maya. Both are doing great, after loosing our 17 year old cat to cancer earlier this year, both were adopted about 6 weeks ago, these are the first kittens our 2 children have had any contact with & are loved dearly, both have very different characters  but are very happy.
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to take in the kittens.
Steven, Tracey, Cameron & Lucy Swan

SylvieSylvie Rehomed July- Sylvie is already making herself completely at home.... The girls love her, and she's been great with them. She is the loveliest cat and we're so happy we found her. x

PushkaPushka Rehomed July

TillyTilly Rehomed June

EclipseEclipse Rehomed June

PebblesPebbles Rehomed June

MiaMia Rehomed June

CrombieHi Peeps, just a quick word to let you know I am now at my new home in the Lanarkshire country side with 160 acres to run about in, I can't wait to explore! Thanks for all you love and support. Crombie



SechiSechi Rehomed June

TallulahTallulah Rehomed June

Tiger LillyTiger Lilly Rehomed June

TrufflesTruffles Rehomed June

TobyToby Rehomed June

MarcoMarco now Marlo has settled in really well. He doesn't like the collar with the bell though. I think he thinks there is a bell monster after him.  He likes to sleep on my lap and is very cute.  We really adore him.   He is very pretty!
Thanks for all your help and advice.


MausMaus Rehomed June

PollyPolly Rehomed June

Brewster Rehomed June

MissiMissi Rehomed June

In July - Dolly is all settled in her new forever home. She knows when its bed time and snuggles up in bed for the night and ready to play at 4am. Lucky her new family don't need alot of sleep :-)

MogweiMogwei Rehomed June

Bear BearMickey (was Bear) Rehomed May. "We love him to bits."

LillieLillie Rehomed May

Omally and FigeroOMalley and Figaro Rehomed May

RussellRussell Rehomed May

MerlinMerlin Rehomed May

FerneNelsonFerne & Nelson Rehomed May

CinnamonCinnamon Rehomed May

CallieCallie Rehomed May

BiggsBiggs Rehomed May

BearBear Rehomed May

AbbieAbbie Rehomed May

LuckyBeauLucky and Beau Rehomed May

CheekyCheeky, now called Teddy has settled well into his new home, where he is making friends with his feline brothers who are aged 2 and 4 years respectively. 

BonnieBonnie was adopted with her mother Lillie and both are happily becoming used to their new life and their new doggie brother. 


Hi everyone just a wee note to let you all know that I now have my forever home, I have been with my new mum just over a week now and I feel I have been here forever, I have settled in so quick and I love my new mum she is so lovely and loving to to me it's as if we have been together before, as when my foster mum took me into my new home I felt I had been here before and when I saw my new mum I had to sit on her knee right away and since then we just love each other so much, I just want to say thank you to my foster mum and family cor looking after me and finding me my forever home. From Alicia

DaisyDaisy has been adopted and has settled  very well in her new home. She has a canine brother, who she is still getting used to, but there are no real problems as he is very anxious to be her friend. Apart from the first couple of days when Daisy was not eating there have been no difficulties, and she also has an extended family of admirers to spoil and play with her.

AbbieAbbie Rehomed April

AzrealAzreal Rehomed April

Snowball N SoxSnowball & Sox Rehomed April

BenBen Rehomed April

RubyRuby Rehomed April

TillyTilly Rehomed April

SuzieHey is Susie here, I have finally found my new forever home with my foster Mum!! I knew she couldn't resist an oldie and at nearly 20 years old I had my wee furry paws firmly under the table. I had a few wee health issues but everything seems to have settle down now. I am just enjoying being stretched out on my cushion and being made a fuss of, Us oldies are set in our ways and just want to chill and be fed chicken, what more could a girl ask for. Furry Hugs Susie xx

KiaKiaKia Rehomed April

I'd like to thank you all very much for your help in finding me a wee cat. You all do a marvellous job at Cats' Protection.  I now have Kia (or rather she has me...).  Kia is a wee gentle purry soul, who loves relaxing on the top of my chair while I watch telly, or sleeping at the end of my bed while I sleep.  She just loves her mouse and ball toys, and goes a bit loopy over them!  I love her to bits!  Here are some photos of Kia.

Emma is now rehomed to a lovely family and immediately settled in and was playing with her new toys within half an hour after her arrival. She will be totally spoiled with her new family and deservedly so!

NellNell Rehomed Mar

BellaHi Bella here just to let you all know I am now settled in my new home as you can see in my pics. It didn't take long at all before i had explored the whole house being a shadow and opened every door even if they are closed, I don't want to miss anything now. Enjoying playing football with anything and pinging toys up and down the stairs. Looking forward to be allowed outside again but until then i am content with my catnip and talking to the birds on the other side of the window letting them know I am coming out to play soon. Thanks for finding me my mew home Bella.

MillieMillie Rehomed Feb

LilyLily Rehomed Feb

ConnieConnie Rehoned Feb

Rosie & Nala Rehomed Jan

DynamoDynamo now known as Dyna has settled well in her new home where she has the run of the house, and is enjoying lots of attention and cuddles from her new Mum.



samSam now known as Minstrel is slowly but surely getting used to his new home and lifestyle. He has several canine friends and is gradually being introduced to them one at a time. He is being thoroughly spoiled by his new Mum, and despite not eating for the first few days, he now has a very healthy appetite. When he is ready to go outside he has a lovely secluded garden which he can explore at his leisure.



NalaNala Rehomed Jan

CaleyCasperCaley & Casper Rehomed Jan

Celeste & Jude Rehomed Jan

jodieJodie Rehomed Jan

JoleneJolene Rehomed Jan

BibiBibi rehomed Jan

CinderCinder Rehomed Jan

JynxJynx Rehomed Jan

LeoLeo Rehomed Jan

SimbaSimba Rehomed Jan


HermesHi, Just thought I would forward on some picture's of Sphinx in his new home who I recently adopted (he is now called Hermes). He is getting on with his new step brother Apollo really well, and settled into his new home. I don't think either of them can remember that they are not litter mates now.Thanks again!


Natalie & David 

MittensMittens rehomed Jan

Honey Rehomed locally by the Arbroath Branch. We hope her well in her new home.

Cookie Rehomed locally by the Arbroath Branch. We hope her well in her new home.

Fluffy Rehomed locally by the Arbroath Branch. We hope her well in her new home.

Hope Rehomed Jan

Eva's a very sociable and cuddly wee cat - loves snuggling in and being cradled as you can see in the photos.  She's also eager to get outside... Eva's a fantastic pet and is already a big part of our family.

Hi people Emily and Amelia here with just a wee note to let you all know we have now found our forever home, we have a lovely new Mum and Dad and 2 lovely wee girls to play with us, we have settled in really well and have had fun exploring our new home.  Thanks to Cat Protection for all your loving care and attention to us while we were in your care.