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Meet "Snotty" Turpin.

23 July 2018
Meet "Snotty" Turpin. One morning (about 8 years ago) when I went into the garage there was a cat sleeping on the bonnet of the Land Rover, it saw me and scurried away. This happened every morning for about two weeks then the cat decided that I wasn’t that bad after all. The cat had a runny nose and ear, hence his name “Snotty” (Even though Frances said “You can’t call a cat Snotty”) after many trips to the vet Snotty’s nose is dry but he always has a runny ear. Snotty can’t be rehomed because of his ongoing condition but he is happy as what we call a “Free Roamer” he is free to wander but he hardly ever leaves the garden except to sleep on the bed or back of the sofa. The picture is of Snotty after his last trip to the vet with his sore ear. He had to have a polyp removed, , and in retrospect wish I had listened to Frances because when I am at the vet with Snotty they call out “Snotty Turpin “ and I have to stand up. (Val Turpin- West Cumbria Cats Protection Fosterer & Volunteer)