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Our recent TNR at a local farm .

21 September 2019
Our recent TNR at a local farm . Here is a pic of our recent ( ongoing ) Tnr ( Trap- Neuter -Return ) At a local farm , so far we have caught 1 adult female and 4 kittens , 3 boys and a girl , the girl being the most feisty by far . One of the boys enjoyed it so much he ended up in the trap twice ( must have been the free tuna :) They are all health checked , flea and worm treated and so far none of them have tested positive for felv or fiv so there a healthy colony ( probably because it is only a small colony ) The cats / kittens are caught and returned on the same day :)
Just a reminder of why we do this , the cats and kittens will have a far healthier and longer life with less chances of catching diseases, also the more litters a female has the greater chance she has of getting health problems associated with too many pregnancies, for tom cats it reduces aggressiveness and fighting with other males which can lead to injury, roaming which can lead to increased chance of being knocked over , and also reduces chances of getting cancers like testicular and prostate.