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Volunteers Week

06 June 2017

To mark the end of Volunteers’ week, here at West Fife Cats Protection, we wanted to share the story of 2 wonderful ladies that made our branch what it is now.

, our coordinator and the late Susan we so sadly lost earlier this year.

Anita and Susan started to volunteer with the branch having seen an advert looking for volunteers in a Rosyth vets. Anita liked the sound of home visiting, Susan wanted to foster.


They started by going door to door, looking for people to donate, with many people not interested, or “didn’t like cats”…but they didn’t let that stop them!

As time went on, the older generation of volunteers started to go, leaving only Anita, Susan and 1 other.

Although Anita said she absolutely did not want to become coordinator if it meant less time with the cats, she took on the role and made sure she still got time with the cats, having learned from her predecessor who was “An excellent teacher”.

As you can imagine there are many, many stories to share having worked with the branch so long.

One being when they were both out trying to catch a feral cat that was hiding in a square behind bins. Anita asked Susan to stand at one end ready to catch the cat as she moved the bin.  By the time Susan reached down to get the cat it had already run through her legs…and the saga continued!

There was also a time, coming back after working in Kelty and there was a burning smell coming from “the fields”. It wasn’t until they tried to brake they realised that burning smell was actually the brakes of the van!  Thankfully they still managed to stop for a burger and made it home safe!

When feeding feral cats down in Rosyth Dockyard area, they heard a voice shout in an American accent to look up and see where it was coming from…the man was on the ferry

Man : “what y’all doing down there?”

Anita : “feeding the ferals”

Man : “they’re coming to you”

Anita : “Aye, I have to feed them!”

Man : “Before we go, I’ll leave some cold meat for them”

The conversation was between the ground and the top of the ship, so you can imagine how loud Anita was having to shout, while Susan told her off!


Unfortunately, the stories don’t always have happy endings for our cats…which always led to the question “why are we doing this” but they both always came back to the same answer…”for the cats”.


And right up until the weeks before we had to say goodbye to Susan, she was still making sure the neutering vouchers were being written “the way she liked”.


So on behalf of all of us at West Fife Cats Protection, thank you to you both for dedicating your life to the love of cats.