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Do you have a cat to re-home?

14 January 2017
There are many reasons why someone may not be able to keep their pet any more and we don't judge here at Cats Protection - we're here to help!

There are so many unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens out there that we do have to prioritise pregnant, nursing and injured cats which often means that it's a long wait before we can help cats who are already in homes. 
Hopefully the following advice will help you in finding a perfect new home for your beloved cat. 
If you know that a change is coming (a house move, immigration etc) please plan early as it's very unlikely that charities will be able to help at such short notice. Contacting rescues as early as you can helps the rescue to plan your cat's arrival and book it into the waiting list. 
There are some wonderful independent cat rescues out there, but cat rescue isn't a regulated industry and therefore please be VERY wary when handing your cat over to someone. Some rescues sell on cats for profit or keep the cats in conditions which are not hygenic and some put cats together when they're not been neutered or vaccinated. 
Please try and visit a rescue before you hand your cat over. Check that 
The cats are kept separate from any pet cats or any other cats
check that the cats have sneeze barriers between pens so that illness cannot spread, 
check that they have a separate pen for sick cats
check which vets they regularly use and don't be afraid to check with the vets on how the rescue is run
check whether the potential new owners of the cats will be checked - more and more people are selling cats for profit, or using them in dog fights etc. New homes must be checked to ensure a new home is found
Be very wary of any rescues that ask for any money to take in your cat. Here at Cats Protection we welcome donations for taking in pet cats, but this is not complusory
If you decide to re-home your cat privately, please make sure that you take the same precautions as a rescue would when re-homing. Be wary of free ad sites where people scout the sites for un-neutered cats to breed from for pets shops etc. Always carry out a pre-adoption visit and if you have any concerns, ring us and ask advice and don't be afraid to say no to people. 
Please email homeacat@gmail.com if you would like a list of questions we tend to ask at a home visit so that you can get a good picture of whether people are genuine adopters. 
Finally, if your cat isn't neutered, CONTACT US!!! We can help with the financial cost of neutering and this greatly lessens the chances of them falling into the hands of breeders. Call us on 0845 194 7292 and we can help!