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Why should I neuter my male cat?

07 April 2017
Why should I neuter my male cat?

Many people still think that neutering a male cat is unnecessary - after all it's the females that have the kittens, males are just doing what's natural and sowing their wild oats.....


.... the reality of an un-neutered male is very different from the image of a cat about town having fun! Take a look at the picture on the right, this is an un-neutered male cat that we found suffering from the latter stages of feline leaukemia.  He was once a carefree kitten with a whole life ahead of him, and yet it was cut short by him having nothing to drive him on apart from the need to find female mates and fight off other males.


Male cats can travel over 2 miles to find an in season female - if we all think about how many main roads we all have in a 2 mile radius - is it any wonder that many are knocked down and killed. They constantly have to fight other males for the female and often come to us with many bite wounds, torn ears and old wounds. If these wounds or bites come from an infected cat they too could end up suffering just like this cat did.


To re-unite a lost un-neutered male is almost an impossibility, by the time they go missing, they may have traversed many a mile and the chances of him returning are slim.


If you love your cute new kitten, get him neutered BEFORE he's allowed out - don't take the chance that he could become infected, get lost or killed on the road.


We couldn't save the life of this cat and all we could do was make sure that his final days were comfortable and cared for. Something that his owners could have done by having him neutered.