Support us

The branch needs a staggering £100 PER DAY to survive! This is used to feed cats awaiting new homes, pay vet bills for new rescues, do cat pen maintenance, the list goes on and on! Every single penny you can donate is appreciated!
5 pounds could pay for a cat's litter tray, scoop and food dish!
10 pounds could buy an 'igloo' for an elderly cat to curl up inside!
30 pounds could pay for a stray or feral cat to be neutered!
50 pounds could vaccinate a kitten against flu viruses, enteritis, leukaemia and other diseases!
Donate unwanted items: If you have good quality goods, please call us on 0345 1947 292 and leave a message on extention 5 for details of where you can take your goods. Please note we cannot take electrical items unless new in packaging with original sales receipt. We also no longer need ordinary household and kitchen goods.
Sponsor a cat shelter: Sponsoring one of our cat cabins is an ideal way of helping a cat without owning another! We ask for a monthly payment of £5, £10 or whatever you wish to give, or an annual standing order can be arranged.
If you would like more details about becoming a sponsor, then contact us. Although you will be attracted to a particular cat from our publicity it is impossible to allocate specific donations to a specific cat. You will be in essence helping the branch help more cats like the one you fell for by being a regular giver
If you live locally, why not donate cat food? We have a bin for food in Morrison's in Guiseley, Sainsburys in Otley, Ashlands Vets in Ilkley and Pets at Home in Guiseley!
Remember us in your will: Ask your solicitor to include a bequest to Cats Protection Wharfe Valley Branch the next time you draw up a new will or add a codicil. A leaflet "Where there's a Will there's a way to help cats" is available from CP and provides more information, including sample clauses. Call us on 0345 1947 292 Ext 4 if you would like a copy.