What we do

Respond to calls from members of the public who have seen a cat being abandoned or mistreated 

Foster cats that have come into our care until they can be rehomed, once neutered and microchipped

Operate a lost and found register to reunite missing cats with their owners

Arrange for veterinary care as necessary - about 100 cats are treated while in our care per year( above those neutered )
Try to find homes for cats whose owners have become ill or died

Encourage responsible cat ownership and neutering - over 1250 neutering vouchers were issued in 2007  and 2008

Trap and neuter feral cats before releasing them back where they came from - 350 were neutered in 2005 and about 100 in 2006, 2007and 2008. We found new homes for two dozen that could not be returned to their original sites for one reason or another and 38 other ferals are fed on a regular basis by our members or helpers
Carry out a variety of fundraising activities, including bazaars and carnival stalls - check our news & events area for upcoming fundraising activities.

Our members have always tried to help cats beyond the area we were set up to serve but as many our team do not drive, and others have day jobs, it has not always been easy to meet half the demand.

The loss of branches around us and increasing neglect of cats in the West Yorkshire conurbation has put a huge strain on our rescue team and our fundraisers. On top of this our fame has spread through such things as radio programmes, yellow pages and more recently the internet. We are a high profile branch in an area of great need.

This is reflected in the rocketing of our activity figures during the last three years or so.