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Help change the law against cat theft

In 2021, Police recorded a shocking 40% jump in reported cat theft cases (Cat Theft Report, 2022).

Cat theft is currently treated the same as theft of property. This needs to change and stealing a cat must be made a specific and separate offence to other forms of theft.

The theft of a family cat can leave families devastated; it is far worse than other forms of theft. No one should have to worry about their cat being stolen.

In 2021 the Government added the abduction of a dog as a specific offence to the Kept Animals Bill. We know losing a cat can be just as heart-breaking for their owners as losing a dog. Since action is being taken to better protect dogs from thieves, and we have to make sure cats are not left behind. Cats Protection want to make sure cats are also provided with specific protections from theft. We want to see cat theft being made into a specific offence under the law. Add your name if you also think cats need better legal protection against theft.

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