Special Cats for Special People

Welcome to our "Special Cats for Special People" page.

Here you will find information on our cats, that for one reason or another, are looking for someone who can offer them a very specific type of home. They may be older cats or have a disability or just need that extra love and attention in a quiet home because of circumstances we have rescued them from.

Whatever it might be, if you are looking at this page, then we think you may well be halfway there to becoming a special adopter. 

Below is our current special cat Nim who wants to find her forever homes.  Please take a look at her profile and see if she would be the perfect addition to your family.


Beautiful Nim is still looking for her special home!

Nim is a stunning female apricot/blue tortoiseshell shorthaired cat, who came into our care after her owner became ill. Despite all of this Nim is a very affectionate cat who adores attention especially being stroked but she is a typical naughty tortie and lets you know when she has had enough! She is still a kitten at heart and loves to chase her ribbon wand toy and attack her catnip toys. She enjoys head massages and a chat before breakfast and bedtime.  

Nim is looking for a very quiet home with a nice secure, private garden with an understanding owner who can give her the time, love and attention necessary to rebuild her confidence and trust and will respect Nim’s boundaries. Also Nim has requested an endless supply of catnip toys.

If you are looking for a beautiful, affectionate cat and you are happy to spend time winning her over then please get in touch – you will not be disappointed! You can call and leave a message on 01483 721700 Mailbox 1 or email info@woking.cats.org.uk 






Domestic short-hair


Tortoiseshell & white

Can live with cats


Can live with dogs


Can live with mature family


Indoor cat


Access to Outside


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 If you are looking on this page then you must be special - we look forward to hearing from you!