Feral cats or wild cats

Feral or Wild Cats are the forgotten members of the cat family. They are more vulnerable than domestic cats and are often found hiding in bushes or in old buildings, sheltering scavenging for food.

Although some are born wild with generations of wild forebears, many have been forced to live wild after being dumped by callous owners wanting to rid themselves of animals that are no longer a novelty and to avoid neutering and spaying bills.
This seems to happen especially around any holiday period, when last year’s kitten becomes this year’s unwanted pet – quite possibly dumped in favour of another kitten. Through no fault of their own they are left to fend for themselves and possibly to starve to death.

But we can do something about it. Do you possess that special haven? We often need safe lodgings for ferals within the Woking and District area.

Locations such as stables and garden centres make ideal places for feral cats, providing there are no man-eating dogs and the premises are not located near busy roads. In return for keeping down your rodent population, our ferals would like to be fed daily and to have someone around who will keep an eye on their general health.   They also need a shelter to keep warm and safe; a cosy corner in a barn would be just fine.  Woking & District Branch would ensure the ferals had been neutered and given a general health check prior to being rehomed. 

If you can help at all, please contact us on  01483 721700 or email us.