Lockdown Felines

Thanks to everyone who shared updates during the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. We loved seeing what our previously adopted cats got up to! ❀️

Marcel has had a busy lockdown with Jaime and Ted who adopted him 2 years ago. “Happy and healthy FIV boy. Playing with his cat nip apple in the sun. He is our absolute world and probably the most pampered puss one would ever meet!”

You have most definitely transformed his life – thanks for adopting him and sharing your update.

"We adopted Remy (previously known as Lenny) a year ago, he had had a difficult start to life. Now he has improved his catting skills no end, he enjoys practicing his running, jumping and climbing and the garden is one of his favourite places (as well as the sofa). Very nervous when he came to us, he is now a very relaxed member of his new family and has settled in really well! 

I would also like to say that Pauline and Cheryl, his Foster-mother, were fantastic in helping Remy to transition to his new home.”

Thanks Deborah for sharing this update - it's great to see how much Remi has grown in confidence; so rewarding. 

Another success story, here's an update on Bertie who was adopted by Craig and his family just before lockdown. πŸ’™

"Bertie has settled very well and seems very happy now he is able to go out in the garden! We kept him inside for around 6 weeks before we let him out and he took to the garden very quickly; almost immediately seeing off another couple of neighbourhood cats who came to investigate the first time he squeezed under the gate and went out the front of the house! The kids love him, and he seems to have taken very much to them.

Thank you for the opportunity to make him part of our family!"

A great update from Becky, Xavier, Sophie & Emily. πŸ€Ž

“Hi there, we adopted Amber back in January after visiting her at her foster home at Alison’s house. We feel that she chose us more than we chose her, as she came straight over to us, climbing on us and purring. We wanted to update you now as we are all spending a lot more time with Amber since being in lockdown. We are so grateful to have such a loving and adorable cat. She is equally happy that we are around more as she loves company. She is affectionate, gentle, trusting and always wants attention - just what we were looking for in a cat. 

Thank you again for choosing us to have her.”

Lovely to hear some positive news at this time – thank you Catherine for the update. πŸ’–

 “We adopted our rescue cat from you as Purdey in August 2019. She was previously a stray and we were nearly pipped to the post by another family who saw her the evening before we did. They chose not to adopt her because they wanted a family cat and she was too nervous to come out of her den.

So Purdey is now Molly, and she is the loveliest, most affectionate cat ever! Still on her own terms, and still very vigilant.

She loves head rubs and being stroked, but she really doesn’t like being brushed. It’s a good job she’s short-haired.

Thank you for letting us adopt her - she’s fab!”

Georgie was originally found as a stray and was one of the last cats adopted before lockdown. Thank you Fiona and Dan for adopting her and sharing these lovely photos of her slowly coming out of her shell after three weeks. πŸ’–

"Beautiful, loving, funny, cuddly, soppy, a diva who kneads for England. We love her to the moon and back." Words used to describe Amber from her owner Sonia. πŸ˜

Amber has certainly found her forever very loving home - thanks Sonia for adopting her and supporting us. πŸ’–

Another success story to share with you - thank you Liz for the update. πŸ˜€

"Thunder and Lightning were renamed Bramble and Spice last July when we adopted them. The first picture shows them as they were after two days; holed up in the reclining sofa. The second picture shows them seven weeks on; totally relaxed and ready to play with us or sleep together. They are wonderful now and Bramble, the male, regularly brings us live mice! We are now good at catching them and find a welly invaluable as the mice run in and then we put the whole lot outside. Spice, the female, loves playing with my crafts and is experienced in Lace making, Beading and Knitting!

Thanks again for allowing us to have them."

Great to see them Bramble and Spice looking so relaxed and comfortable now. Oh yes, the wellington boot trick - great tip! πŸ’›


Keira has been using lockdown time well and has to have priority over Lauren's laptop while she works from home! πŸ˜‚

Albert was a stray; he was very thin and found to have hyperthyroidism. Thanks to Jan and Roger for giving this lovely special boy such a great new life.

“Hello, Albert here. 
I've been with Roger and Jan for 6 months now and since they've bought me some man-sized equipment things are pretty good (really that was a girl’s litter tray!) So, I'm obliging by taking my tablets like a good boy and keeping them entertained. None of this social distancing malarkey either I'm on the laps and the bed at every opportunity and it's great that they're having to stay at home with me all the time.
So, all in all I'm on top of the world - well on top of the roof anyway! (It’s a bungalow people - don't panic!)
Keep well everyone
Albert x”

Rescued from a garden where he was living, this little kitten is one of the lucky ones. We love seeing how life has changed for the better for Tiggy, now Toby.

“Toby is super settled! What can I say? For a cat that began life as a feral, Toby has certainly lapped up the comfort of a home and the company of a family! He loves outdoor adventures and always comes home for attention. He's a very happy cat!”

Such a lovely photo - thanks for adopting him Helen. πŸ˜Š

An update on Jaffa, who was originally found as a kitten in a shed. His life has transformed and, as you can see from the photos, is very happy at home with Magic. Thanks Lynne for adopting Jaffa. πŸ§‘

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Thanks, Rachel, for sharing these photos of Maddie and Maxine - such beautiful black cats. Maxine obviously enjoys a bit of sunshine in the hammock and look at them both snuggling together in their basket. πŸ’•Sisterly love! Clothes are always a popular place to sleep. What a different life from the one, before they were rescued, when they were living on an industrial site. Thank you for adopting Maddie and Maxine.

Part of a multicat household rescue, here’s another success story to share during this challenging time.

“Misty and Blackberry formerly known as Skye and Purdy. They are brother and sister, we got them when they were 10 weeks old. They turned 4 on the 4th of May. Star Wars babies! They mean the world for us!” Thanks Ebru for adopting them, sharing an update and belated birthday wishes! β˜ΊοΈ #MayTheForceBeWithYou 

We rescued a mum (Mabel) and her kittens from the grounds of a health and fitness club, once they were old enough, the kittens were adopted, and Mabel also found a very special home. 

Jane adopted two of the kittens and says, “We adopted Smiggles and Smokey almost 18 months ago now, when we first saw them, they were tiny kittens. They are a big part of our family and are never far away from our daughter who is clearly their favourite family member, my husband and I don’t have a chance for cuddles when Elouise is here!! Their favourite place is always the conservatory, either to watch out the window or to sleep on the heated floor! We are very thankful to Woking Cats Protection for rescuing Smiggles and Smokey and allowing them to be part of our family”

Misty, Sparkle and Pebbles were rescued from an industrial site, they spent some time in our care before they were adopted and found new loving homes.  As you can see, they are all now enjoying going outside having been a little cautious at first.  Thank you, Celia and Lyndsey, for sharing these photos – such beautiful cats.

Rescue is best!  πŸ˜Ί πŸ’•  

Last year we cared for a litter of kittens: Harry, Horace, Harvey and Helena. They were adopted in pairs. Sammy C shared a lovely photo of Harry and Milo (Harvey) saying, “Our gorgeous WCP boys are best buddies and are enjoying the shade together.”

Sarah has also shared some photos and videos of Meg and Mowie (Horace and Helena).

Several volunteers helped look after and socialise these kittens with their fosterer; it is great to see how well they are doing in their forever homes – thanks for the updates. πŸ’™πŸ’›

Meet Madge, who even has a book dedicated to her – Heather says, “Madge is rather camera shy and spends most of the day sleeping! The pictures show her on the turn of the stairs where we have made a catnip corner, checking out the pond we are building, strolling around the garden and sleeping in the summer house aka Madge's Cat Cottage. She's certainly well and enjoys the sun.”  πŸ’–

Saffy and Benny were both direct homings from different homes. Direct homings enable us to help more cats in the community without the need to utilise a pen.

Eleanor tells us Saffy had a birthday recently – Happy Birthday Saffy. πŸ₯³ She looks like she enjoys her photo being taken!

Nicola says that Benny is very good at checking out his territory boundaries, is very settled and much loved! πŸ˜€

Happy Birthday Titan - he’s just turned 6! Mike adopted him in May 2014, our volunteers may recall him as a kitten called Archie. In 2018, Mike also adopted Leo and Bella (Rupert and Rosie) and after careful introduction all three cats live happily together. They all look adorable. πŸ˜πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸ₯³

Tinkerbelle came to us with a flea allergy, after treatment and care she was able to be rehomed. Alexandra shared these photos and says, “Tinkerbelle or 'Twinkletoes' as she is affectionately known as, enjoying the Spring sunshine in our garden. The eyes have it!” πŸ’•

Billie’s timidness was cured by love and kindness, thanks to Paul and his family who adopted her. She has blossomed in their care and looks amazing. Thanks for giving her such a wonderful new life. β€οΈ

Tommy’s owner Julia says, “He’s the best! Very mischievous, curious and loving. X”. Tommy nearly wasn’t available for adoption as his fosterer got very attached to him and was very tempted to keep him! πŸ˜

Great to see Tommy loving lockdown life with his humans!

Galileo who is another stray that was in very poor condition and needed to be trapped. He has recently been running around, moaning when his owners Catherine and Chris were not sitting down so he could sit on them; instead they were busy gardening and working on their vehicle’s electrics. Eventually the situation was resolved to his satisfaction!

Faith and her kittens, Hope and Charity, were part of a rescue where we assisted the police who had to deport their owners.  Many thanks to Lindy who adopted Faith and says this:

“I was the lucky person who Faith selected as her ‘forever cat human’.  Faith is a very affectionate and gentle cat who sometimes keeps me company in my files while I work at home or watching me potter in my kitchen. 

She is very independent and will often arrive home covered in grease or dust but always manages to groom herself back to get sparkling white coat. 

Faith and her kittens had an unhappy start to their young lives but thanks to CP they were given a second chance and now give me never ending happiness, fun and companionship.

I am a supporter of CP and make regular donations to ensure their vital work rescuing and rehoming cats goes on.  CP care about cats in every professional way and raise awareness on several fronts.  Animal care, best practice, rescue and rehoming, fund raising and sharing the sheer privilege we cat owners experience by newsletters and magazines.” β€οΈπŸ€πŸ’™

Summer was one of five cats that were reported in a garden.  Three of the young adults were neutered and, due to their disposition, relocated to a stable yard; they enjoy life being cared for but allowed to live their own lives.  Summer and her mum were able to be rehomed.

Thank you, Claire, for adopting Summer - she is a real beauty.

Luna is a very special cat; she had a lobster claw and it was in her best interest to have her leg amputated. As you can see, she has adapted to life with three legs and it doesn’t stop her: exercising, sunbathing, waiting for dinner and balancing on the freezer door!

Thank you, Dean, for adopting Luna and giving her such a caring and loving home. 

We found the perfect home for Suki, with a direct homing, following the very sad and difficult decision her previous owner made to give her up. As you can see from these photos the stunning Suki has really landed on her feet and is adored by her owners. πŸ’–

Mitch is another special cat, he belonged to a long-time supporter and fosterer for the branch who sadly passed away. Time was spent to ensure the correct home was found for Mitch and he was adopted by Lorna. Thank you so much giving him such a loving home, although not sure he likes your choice of TV programmes! πŸ§‘

Casper was a stray who was unneutered, thin, dirty and riddled with fleas. Brought back to health and adopted by Susan H – he’s one very lucky boy; thank you so much for giving him such a loving home. πŸ’™

“I contacted Woking Cats Protection and went to meet a couple of cats. Pauline took me to see Casper, who strolled out to see us looking big, white and handsome and I instantly fell in love! Soon he was at home with me and over the last five years he has become the most loving and devoted of friends. When I sit at my computer, he has to share my chair, either sitting beside me or behind me, which makes it a bit tight!

In these difficult times of self-isolation, things could get very lonely, and are for a lot of people, however there’s always this lovely little companion to cheer me up. I have loads of friends who keep in touch, but my little moggy friend, with a lovely personality and the gentlest of nature, is the best friend I could ever wish to have.”


Bosley was rescued from a multicat household where he was living outside neglected and scared. We brought the cats into our care and Bosley was adopted by Paul - thank you for giving Bosley the life he deserves. Bosley obviously feels very safe and secure in his wonderful home and is very relaxed about the lockdown.

Paul says: “My Bosley. As you can see, he loves to show his belly, but touch with caution as he will clamp on too you like an alien face hugger. And in the current situation we are all in, he has a better social life than me, and even has a girlfriend, jammer Dodger.”

Taz was originally a stray with a bad skin condition, he was nursed back to health and found his forever loving home. It’s taken a long time but Taz now also seems to like a lap. πŸ˜Š

His owner Ann feels, in first photo, Taz is thinking, “Thank goodness I can get outside for a nap, now my humans are at home all day zzzzz!” πŸ’›

Before being rescued by us, poor Jazzy was irresponsibly and unkindly left outside to have litters of kittens. Once in our care, she was looked after and neutered before being adopted by her fantastic new owners. Thank you for giving Jazzy such a loving home and changing her life for the better.

Jazzy’s staff (aka Sarah and John πŸ€—❀️) say Jazzy has been helping out during lockdown on various home projects … naturally followed by having deserved rests! 

In 2016, Mr Blue came into our care and as you can see from a couple of the photos, he was in quite a state and needed a lot of TLC and vet visits.  He touched the hearts of several of the volunteers involved in his road to recovery.  

His owners recently sent this update for us to share. πŸ™‚

“Just wanted to share a pic of our lovely Bandit (formerly Mr Blue) who we adopted in October 2016. Well we moved to Wiltshire in January and I have to say he is like a new cat, he's settled in so well and has more space to roam and play. He is even more relaxed with our 3 year old boy! It's so nice to see. I think he will be very happy here chasing the birds and sunbathing. Thanks again for introducing us... we love him so much. ☺️"


Just over a year ago Timmy was a stray - look at him now! 

Karen and Alan, his new owners, say this about Timmy's transformation.

"This is Timmy, another Woking success story. He first showed up around January 2019 looking very sorry for himself. He would sit outside the window, crying, as if to say please feed and love me. Adverts on various websites for his owner did not provide any leads as to who he belonged to. We gradually gained his trust, naturally by the use of food. First on the path outside, then just inside the door and finally inside the house. We thought we were mad as he wasn’t neutered but he was just too cute. After a few months we bought a scanner and discovered he wasn’t chipped, so we got in touch with Woking. The team were absolutely marvellous, loaning us a trap and arranging for him to be neutered. Nothing was too much trouble. Pauline said they could not take him in as they were full and had a long waiting list but that wasn’t going to be an option anyway. It took a while but he has settled in really well. He got a bit confused when we moved house about a hundred yards away, he kept going back to the old home. He loves his step-brother Fudge always going up to him, talking to him. At times Fudge “looks down his glasses” at him as if to say “Children”. He is a very loving cat, always asking for cuddles, snuggling up on the sofa and the bed. We are very lucky to have him and feel pleased to know that we have given him a good home with Woking’s help." πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›

Continuing our posts showcasing some of the cats that have been adopted from us, here’s the adorable Dora enjoying a sunny lockdown Sunday with a less furry friend.  πŸ˜Š Dora also has her own Instagram account so be sure to follow her at dora_theadorable πŸ’•

Daisy Boy is a cat close to our hearts, his original owner, Margaret, volunteered for the branch for several years but passed away suddenly in 2018. A new home was found for Daisy Boy in 2019 with a fantastic new family and we are heartened seeing him doing so well and enjoying life to the full.

His adopted family sent these photos and said of the lockdown: “I wouldn’t say he is happy that all four of us are at home 24 hours a day, but he is getting a lot more attention from myself and my daughter. He’s keeping us entertained with his constant chatter. It’s been over a year now and I wouldn’t be without him. X”

Charlotte is a nurse and adopted Lilly and Salem from us, she says: "So I’m not home often at the moment, but when I am, I have two little black shadows!! 😍❀️." 

THANK YOU so much Charlotte for everything you are doing - we are full of appreciation and gratitude to you, your colleagues and all key workers. We salute you. πŸ‘πŸ»

Love the photo of your little black shadows and know they are helping you in their own way! 😻

Amber and Lilly's owners have sent in these photos of them – seems they have even been using FaceTime recently!

Danny says: “Wouldn’t be without them. So adorable and loving. Lilly still timid when it suits her. Amber is always chatty and when she goes outside, gives me heart attacks when she’s back late, oh and occasionally we get presents brought home.”


Milly and Molly's owner has sent us some videos and a photo to cheer us up at this time:

"Milly and Molly have taken ‘stay home and stay safe’ very seriously so given up their usual coffee shop trip in favour of something homebased, I would like to point out the girls have fresh water inside the house...kids eh? #theyreshowingmeup #itsnota50ssodafountain πŸ€¦πŸ»‍♀️

Molly's Saturday message, it's in capital letters because she is shouting it πŸ±πŸ“’
"GOOD MORNING, HAPPY CATURDAY, STAY SAFE" #mollyspublicaddress  #shesaysalotforalittleone

Working from home...

Milly: what's that? you need to access your laptop? I don’t know where it is...busy now πŸ±πŸ‘…πŸ§ΌπŸ€¦πŸ»‍♀

Hope these cheer everyone up as Milly and Molly and all the mini lions do ....hurrah for our cats

The last photo is another shoutout for Bob who featured previously and is actually Milly and Molly's brother. Bob AKA Bobalicious Spidercat thinks he is a dog! His best friend is his owner's daughter Olivia, who he follows everywhere. He is 3 years old and weighed 880g when he was rescued with his sisters.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!  A big thank you to the staff at Lynton Vets who help support us in so many ways, including adopting some of our cats!  Meet Minnie, Clyde and Bob.
Happy 1st Birthday Yami and Sita - we hope you had a lovely day yesterday. You've grown so much in a year! These clever cats have their own instagram account - make sure you follow the adventures of yami_and_sita ! πŸ™‚

Happy belated 3rd birthday to the fabulous Fizzy!  She was adopted from us at 11 weeks - so tiny and timid and now she’s a beautiful and loving cat.

Thank you for sharing photos of your gorgeous polydactyl cat! πŸ˜

Leia was adopted from us in the Summer of 2019; this is from her lucky owners:

What a cat! Loving, long haired and growing and an utter joy to be with. Loves the current situation as she gets to be with us all day every day. Loves a good tummy rub and bounces into life  late at night with her toys. Best buy of 2019. 10 star rating.

Meet the stunning Smokey!