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Alfie's transformation

09 May 2017
What a fantastic story we have to share with you about one of cats, Alfie.  He found his forever home last year and his new human, Caroline, wanted to share their story.

Alfie came to Cats Protection in January 2016.  When he arrived he weighed in at 9.55kg.  Obsessed with food this 5 year old cat desperately needed to lose weight.

He moved in with me in March and I soon realised that he would eat all day if I let him.  I decided to use a food ball for his food.  This had two benefits.  It slowed the speed that he ate his food and also got him moving.  Once we found the food that suited him the weight started to come off.

Now a year later Alfie weighs in at a far healthier 6.3kg. His weight target was 6.5kg, but the vet is happy for him to lose a little bit more if he can. Having lost nearly 35% of his weight he is now a different cat.  He can now climb trees and has no problem scaling 6ft fences.  He is a bit of a hunter which is an experience that he couldn't have achieved last year.  He is still greedy with food so still has his food divided between a food ball and a food tree which also has the benefit of mental stimulation.

I feel really proud of my boy.  It must have been quite a shock for him to suddenly have such a different food regime imposed on him.  However I am sure he feels a lot better for losing the weight.

Caroline, thank you or sharing with us the story of Alfie's amazing transformation, what a handsome and healthy boy he is. A great reminder to us all that a healthy kitty is far happier than one being over-showered with treats...even if sometimes they try to convince us differently!

The 3 photos show Alfie before his weight loss, when he reached his goal weight, and his lovely physique now.

Alfie before  Alfie goal weight  Alfie today