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An Educating Journey

08 July 2016
An Educating Journey

Volunteering – An Educating Journey – By Tom Henderson

I’ve always adored cats. From when I was four to today, they’ve featured heavily within my life and as soon as my wife and I bought our house we really wanted a cat. Long before I had found out about Cats Protection we found our cat Merlot through a method not in line with their philosophy - something we did not at the time realise.

We particularly wanted a kitten, and I had preference for a ginger one, so we found some online ads for what we wanted and went through the necessary steps to pick up our new kitten from London. I consider myself responsible so the first thing I wanted to do was get Merlot neutered, chipped and well looked after. This is long since done and Merlot is now approaching three years old. However I know we were very lucky with Merlot and if I was in the same position again I would certainly seek a cat through adoption. The ‘industry’ I feel bad for funding does often not have animals best intentions at heart and although we may think we’re ‘rescuing’ an animal, long term it’s not the best thing for our pets.

These internet listings for animals are unregulated and animals are often neglected, not neutered or have medical conditions, issues that charities like Cats Protection then have to resolve. Luckily Merlot was and is fine - though I know this is far from guaranteed.

Separately to this around a year ago I started to think about ways I could add value to the world around me. I have read so many horror stories about animal welfare recently that I felt sure animals were where I wanted to contribute. Having donated to animal charities for a long time I just wanted to do something more. So, I Googled local cat charities and found Woking Cats Protection I got in touch with Mary who then called me to talk about what I could do what I could offer and how I could help. It is great to be able to contribute using the skills and abilities gained so far in the workplace. I am in Marketing and have a personal interest in photography, film, audio production etc. so this is a great way to take this and put it towards something that matters to me personally. I will be part of the Branches Media Team, creating videos, helping with our digital and online activity and offering any other support I can. The team is clearly passionate; enthused and most important have our treasured feline’s best interests at heart - something I am thrilled I can help with.

Message from Mary - Welcome to Woking Cats Protection Tom!

Like every charity, we at Woking Cats Protection rely heavily on our volunteer teams. It is an old adage but a true one. Without volunteers we would not survive. I was delighted to have Tom join our teams because he brings a very specific skill that is going to be of great benefit to us. Clearly our core work is about protection and re-homing of felines. It is equally important to have members of our teams that can support the work not directly involving hands on work with the cats. Tom fits that profile perfectly and I know that having him on our media/publicity team with Anna, our Website Editor and Catherine our Social Media Editor is going to pay great dividends.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about joining our teams. We are particularly keen to recruit more Fosterers and fill a new role for someone to help with scanning stray cats. Full training and support is provided. We are a fab team – why not get in touch today!