Bella and Mitzi

This beautiful pair came into our care in the spring of 2011 when their previous owner was no longer able to care for them. We wanted them to stay together as they were used to each other's company. Andrea and Paul adopted them, and they've sent us this lovely letter and these photographs of Bella (left) and Mitzi enjoying their new life.
Bella and Mitzi
Dear Wolverhampton Cats Protection

Our home has always been a cat loving home and after losing George, the last of our three cats, at the end of November 2010, we decided to wait before deciding whether or not to have another. However, after 6 months of having an ‘empty’ house we could wait no longer. We contacted Wolverhampton Cats Protection, and Bella and Mitzi moved in on 11th June 2011. 

The first few days were spent exploring their surroundings, eating and sleeping. They soon settled in and have now made themselves well and truly at home! Mitzi – the younger of the two – is still very kitten-like in her behaviour and loves exploring cupboards or wardrobes, sometimes even trying to get in the fridge! She is on the go from the moment she opens her eyes in the morning and will chase anything that moves - squirrels, birds, moths, flies, butterflies - nothing is off limits! She is also proving to be an excellent tree climber and is sometimes far too adventurous for her own good. Bella is a little more laid back, probably as she is a few months older and wiser, and she watches everything that is going on before finding a shady spot to have a sleep.

Both love playing with their toys and have favourite chairs for their catnaps. They can’t resist a warm lap and, most evenings will settle down with us for some fuss. One or both of them seem to end up on our bed at night, which is lovely until Mitzi decides it’s time to wake up around 4.30am!

They have only been with us for a few months but have brought us so much joy and love. We can’t imagine life without them! 

We would like to thank all the staff at WCP for their help when adopting Bella and Mitzi. Everyone involved deserves a very big thank you. The love, time and energy that is needed for WCP to survive is very evident in the volunteers we met and is much appreciated!

With love and thanks, Andrea & Paul