Coco and Angel


Karen adopted the gorgeous Angel and Coco from us and gave us this lovely update.

We adopted the most beautiful cats from you that bring us so much joy very single day. We have Angel who is mom and her daughter Coco. When they first came into our home Angel settled in immediately. She spent several hours smelling everything she could and was so relaxed and not afraid at all whereas Coco was a very frightened timid little lady who spent the first 2 weeks living under the bed. As a family we spent many hours lying on the floor and trying to coax her out and occasionally she would come for a very little fuss then run back under. Eventually after 2 weeks I awoke on the Sunday morning to something lying on my feet. It was Coco. We were overjoyed and this was the breakthrough. From then on she has slept with me every single night and is the fussiest little girl.

Coco and Angel have their spot up the garden that they love. They enjoy being outside but we always have to keep the doors or window open. Angel is the more adventurous girl and one time she decided to climb the tree in our garden. Nearly 2 hours later, a hard hat, big set of ladders and many broken branches we managed to get her down and needless to say she hasn't bother since thankfully! We have so many gorgeous photos of them and love them dearly.