Harry and Jack

Dear Wolverhampton Cats Protection
Just a note to update you on Harry and Jack (now four years old) who we adopted from you in July 2010.
We had owned two senior cats for about 14 years when we suddenly lost Henry to a heart condition. The plan was to let the other cat, Jasper enjoy having the house to himself, as he had often seemed to play second fiddle whilst sharing his home. What we hadn’t considered was that he would be lonely. This became apparent when he started to pine and would sit for hours waiting for Henry to come home. Jasper had never had to defend his territory before, because Henry had looked after that – and now he was plagued by local cats.
We couldn’t bear to see him like this, so we approached WCP. I had the idea of having two new additions, because I didn’t want one to be left on their own again. We looked at several cats and were left to spend time with them, but we couldn’t decide what to do. We were doing this for Jasper but knew there was a risk of bringing home cats that might upset him.  
We were getting more and more confused, but amongst all the cats were a pair of very young brothers, Harry and Jack, who seemed to take a liking to us. That’s when WCP’s experience helped. We couldn’t decide, and it was suggested that we take Harry and Jack – we were assured that they were the correct cats to integrate with Jasper. 
Harry was a large but nervous cat who has now gained in confidence, he’s a gentle giant. Jack has never looked back since he arrived; he's into absolutely everything and lets curiosity get the better of him sometimes. Guarding the garden is no longer a problem – Jack thinks he owns the place and has grown to a size that backs this up! Letting them out for the first time was a little nerve-wracking but they adore their garden and surrounding areas and spend lots of time there. 
Jasper seems to have a new lease of life too and plays with his new friends. He genuinely appears to get on with his new companions. They are all often out hunting together or chasing round the garden, though sometimes Jasper has to keep them in check or have a ‘time-out’ when he’s had enough. He is 18 after all! 
Thank you for your help and advice when we really didn’t know what to do for the best. We were a little apprehensive – but it worked and we can’t thank WCP enough. Three years on and we have a very happy family of male cats living with us. 
Thanks from us all – Phil & family