Heather and Piper

Heather (tortie) and Piper (ginger) were rescued from where they were stuck a pipe in a chicken-processing factory by our volunteers Sue & Ken. Their new owner Mark sent us this update just before Christmas 2014:

Piper & Heather are celebrating three weeks at their "forever home" and are gaining in confidence as they settle down. Yesterday involved helping to decorate the Christmas tree and the only ‘enemy’ they've got now is the remains of an elastic feather game, which has been very popular! Piper's the Action Man and Heather's the thinker, but both are currently fascinated by the new washing machine, which sings to them when it's finished.

Thanks to WCP (and especially to Sue & Ken, who still call to check on their progress); we hope the donation will help your service and are certain who Her Majesty should be thinking of for New Year honours - you really deserve it!