Juno and Woody

Juno and her kitten Woody, were unique pair as Woody is virtually blind, and Juno is very protective of him. We wanted to make sure they found a home which would be suited to Woody's lack of vision, and because of this we were looking a little further afield than our local area. As luck would have it, we received an enquiry from a couple in Birmingham. They had recently lost their elderly cat Jamie, who had been blind in one eye, and they turned out to be perfect for Juno and Woody.

Juno and Woody
Dear Wolverhampton Cats Protection,

They were a little timid to begin with, but decided they were settled on the third night…. when they began chasing each other through the kitchen/living room/hall and bedroom, they had great fun running all over the furniture and jumping on our bed, and us at 3am!

Juno is very independent and Woody likes to follow her, just when she thinks she’s found a spot, he finds a way to reach her. Although loving towards him, it’s obvious when she wants her own space. Her favourite spot is in our bedroom on the windowsill, she loves to look out of the window and spends a lot of time looking at the birds and the squirrels in the trees, and this is a favourite spot for sleeping too, as it’s a bit of a heat trap, getting lots of sunshine all day long. Woody not wanting to be too far away likes to stretch out on the bed, also in the sun, when he’s finished playing with his blue pom pom.

Woody is very inquisitive especially when food is involved and tried popcorn on Halloween (I’ll remember to take the bowl with me next time). As you can see from the photos they like to eat from the same bowl, although they have their own. They also like to try what we have and have so far enjoyed rabbit, chicken and lamb. Both run to the kitchen when they hear the oven is opened and wait to see if it’s there’s anything for them. With his lack of vision, Woody likes to get a good sniff of our food and tries to get onto the plate to see what it is, it doesn’t matter if it’s a roast dinner or chocolate spread on toast his wants a sniff and a taste!

Both have 'helped' Matt with work, Woody walking over his keyboard and standing in front of the monitor, and Juno keeping him company (and looking out of the window) in the office.

Woody adores to be stroked from head to tail, and wakes us up, usually in the early hours to have fuss, he wiggles up and down the bed like a worm and nudges us until we fuss him! Juno also likes fuss in the early hours and dives from the windowsill onto Matt ‘beating’ the quilt, making a bed usually, on his legs! Although she can be quite timid at times, she likes fuss for a bit, then gently bites you to say enough now, either play or go away!

Bless them they are a handful and VERY noisy when running round in the early hours, and we do worry that Woody will run into something, at the speed they fly around at, but they’re also adorable, especially when curled up together on the sofa or bed, purring like tractors

We are so so happy to have them, they are great! Thanks and warm regards,

Matt & Claire