Kenny & Lyra

Kenny (tabby - from the same litter as Stan & Ella) and Lyra (black & white) were adopted by Sarah & Gary in July and August 2015 - they were from two separate litters.

Sarah told us: "We adopted Lyra first when she was just 12 weeks old, and she was such a cutie! Three weeks later we had Kenny as well, and he was twice the size of her despite being just one month older. We were a little worried at first as he was so much bigger but after a few weeks of careful supervision they started to settle in together. Now, despite being half his weight, she gives as good as she gets and they spend hours chasing each other around the garden! They both have their favourite spots in the house and they sleep with us at night - life is very much on their terms and the whole house revolves around their demands. We love them to bits - thank you."