We first met Phryne in September 2013. Our family cat Lucy passed away so we contacted CP as we wanted to offer a home to cat who was in need. But Phryne actually chose us! She fussed around us like crazy purring and sitting on our laps. She totally won us over, we knew she was the one. A wonderfully affectionate child-friendly cat.

She was two years old and had been found with kittens, however her kittens had all been homed and she had been left in her foster home for six months. We thought her such a lovely cat that she deserved her own forever home. She has settled in wonderfully and seems to love lying in the sunshine in the conservatory. She is crazy about playing with feathers and likes to have a trot around the garden. And at Christmas, Santa bought her a stocking full of goodies, which she was fascinated with. We all adore her, she is such a fusspot, and follows us around the house in a companionable way making her little cat noises. The children love her, and she has made our little house feel like a home.

Dawn & family