Stacy adopted Simba in May 2015, and she wrote to tell us:

"Simba is 6 years old now. He loves doing jigsaws well lying on them. He loves sitting or lying on the small tables or on paper work. Simba loves his toys too - he has a bird, a mouse, a ball and a laser that are his favourites. If he is in a playful mood he will suddenly dart up and down stairs from one side of the house to the other chase things that we can't see. Sometimes he will playfully attack our ankles/feet and the other day he was attacking his own tail!

His favourite treats are Dreamies and he loves his food. He sleeps anywhere any chair, table, bed, windowsill – if you're asleep he will sleep on your feet. He has his own personality and he rules the house  he doesn't live in our house, we live in his and we wouldn't have it any other way!"