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The Joys of Adopting A Cat

15 January 2021

Adopting a pet is truly a life changing decision and it is understandable that some people may want to be completely sure before heading to the shelter. So here are some benefits of adopting a cat from our shelter:

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Owning a cat can bring unconditional love and companionship to your life. When you adopt a cat, you invite the friendly feline to your home as a new family member, and you have the opportunity to form an explicable bond. In your mind and heart, you know, this cat is meant set to be with you. The bond is perceived to be greater as you know you are providing a better life to the cat. In return, the kitten is more appreciative of the love and care, so they are joyful and give you back a lifetime of loyalty and love in their own unique way.


Making room for a cat in your life is a gift in itself. Research has highlighted pet parents are generally healthier and have lower levels of stress levels compared to parents without a cat. Owning a cat can minimise the risk of cardiovascular diseases and strokes by 30 %. Cat's can also trigger calming chemicals in your body which can promote a positive calming effect, reducing anxiety. Furthermore, in 2002, the National Institutes of Health released a study which found children under a year old who own a cat develop greater resistance to allergies such as pet allergy, dust mites, ragweed, and grass allergies.


Adopting a cat means you are saving a life! You give a cat a home, which they can call their own, a safe haven where they feel safe, and you enrich the kitten's life with new positive experiences. At the same time, you are enriching your own life. Research has highlighted there are many mental benefits as well as physical owning a cat. In some instances, people with anxiety disorders and PTSD have reported spending time with their cats are better than conventional therapy.


In Cats Protection, a kitten’s temperament, mood and activity levels are assessed on a daily basis, ensuring they are happy and stable. We understand each furry friend, so we can be sure you’re set up for a successful relationship. There is close interactions with our Cats Protection team to make kittens more friendly, openminded and approachable when they go into their new homes. With just a little bit of getting to know each other, you can gain a new friendly purrrfect companion. We are here to support pet owners well beyond the point of adoption.

By Forida