Success stories

Little star

TwinkleTwinkle came into the care of our Montrose & Brechin Branch when she was only four weeks old. Sadly, she was unable to use her back legs normally and moved about more like a seal than a kitten. Her back legs were splayed out and she could not stand up properly, never mind walk.

We took Twinkle to the vet, but were not sure if they would be able to do anything – things did not look good. The vet diagnosed Twinkle's problem as developmental. Treatment was new ground for the vet, but very simple – her legs were bound together to hold them in such a position to allow her to walk and also to allow her bones to grow correctly.

Amazingly, she could stand up and walk for the first time. The leg ‘hobbles’ were changed twice after two weeks and were finally removed after six weeks. Twinkle ran, jumped and did everything a normal kitten could do. She is now happily homed with three other cats and Charlie the dog. To look at her you would never know there had been a problem.

Winnie’s onto a winner

WinnieWinnie was only ten weeks old when she was found cowering alone in a hedgerow. She was starving, soaking wet and was understandably feeling very sorry for herself. Fortunately for her, a kindly passer by contacted our Bridgend Adoption Centre and she was soon taken into its care.

The poor kitten was terrified to begin with and couldn’t stop shaking; it was obvious that she had gone through quite an ordeal. She was put in a Cat Cabin where the warmth, good food and, of course, plenty of care and attention soon resulted in a dramatic change in her appearance and demeanour.

She soon started to come out of herself and her condition improved greatly her so it was time to put her up for adoption. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for this resilient little cat to find the ideal owner and she is now happily settled in her new home with her worries behind her.

Super siblings

Robin and RoseBrother and sister Robin and Rose came into the care of our Gateshead & District Branch at the age of only six months when their owner, a young man in his twenties, was tragically paralysed in a traffic accident and could no longer look after them.

The two cats had been well cared for and loved and consequently were extremely friendly and affectionate. They are inseparable so it would have been unthinkable for the branch volunteers to try to rehome them individually.

Thankfully the duo’s charms didn’t take long to work their magic and they had soon found a new home with a couple whose grown-up daughter had left home taking her own cat with her, leaving their cat Millie feeling lonely. Robin and Rose have now already made themselves thoroughly at home and have proved to be great companions for Millie, now that her other feline friend has moved out.