Large grey tabby male

Sometimes some things just work out right, not often admittedly but on occasions you almost feel like there is some divine intervention!

We recently took in very large grey tabby, whose name is Henry. He had taken a liking to a couple of homes and the home owners took a liking to Henry. He lived mainly outside but came in now and again for food and cuddles. Unfortunately one home had a resident female cat who was very upset by Henry's visits so the owners decided it was time to move Henry on. They were very upset at doing this but realised it was the best thing to do and duly called us to see what we could do.

After collecting Henry and placing him in one of our pens it was obvious that, although he was a lovely cat, he was not happy at being enclosed, even if he was now well fed, warm and looked after.

Then, as if by magic, we had a call asking if we had any semi-feral cats, one that would like living outside but also happy to come in when they wanted to. Well we just couldn't of asked for better could we?