Mickey and Molly

Mickey and MollyBlack male and grey long haired tabby female

We adopted Mickey and Molly a few months ago. They came from a multi-cat household and by all accounts had not been treated well. They were extremely scared of people and huddled together for comfort. It was decided that they had to be homed together and having just lost our old cat Pepper, we decided to take them on.

Initially it was a case of finding them somewhere in the house, little Mickey managed to get himself into the attic, on top of the kitchen units and behind an old fire place in one of the bedrooms. Molly just stayed, very scared, under our bed.

As the weeks passed Mickey became more curious and ventured out into our area and finally decided that we were ok. He is now a loving cuddly lap cat! Unfortunately Molly's fear of people has meant that she prefers to live on her own, she stays out most of the time but comes into be fed and, we think, at night to sleep.

We hope she will eventually realise that we will not harm her and join Mickey indoors.