Oscar (aka Weeny Bean)

OscarHello, my name is Oscar (also known as Weeny Bean, although that's not so appropriate now as I'm a big boy now).

Late 2010 I laid on the side of the A4 near Derry Hill for several days in dreadful pain and thought I was going to die. I can't remember, but think I was thrown from a car. One dark night a very kind and gentle man and lady saw me and stopped. They wrapped me up and took me to a very nice lady called Jane Lyons, who turned out to be a vet. Jane cleaned me up, they thought I was black originally, but as you can see I'm not, I was just very, very dirty, underweight and very hungry.

After spending some time with Jane who discovered I had a badly broken leg, and diagnosed bed rest and lots of pain relief, I was taken into the care of Wootton Bassett Cats Protection. I had lovely foster parents who kept me warm, fed me lots of lovely food and loved me. One day a lady called Dee came to stay with them and she fell in love with me. I loved her too and fell fast asleep in her arms as often as I could. I couldn't go home with her though as I still had a broken leg, but she was very happy to wait for me and once I was given the all clear by Jane, I was all set to go to my new home in Bournemouth. Dee even pursuaded her partner Carl, to let me live with them. He loves me lots now as well.

I have a lovely new home here and my best mate is called Carbon. He's a bit older than me, but we get on well. We have great fun exploring the golf course that backs onto our home, but I don't go anywhere near the road out the front. I am terrified of traffic and probably will be for the rest of my life.

Keep up the good work at Cats Protection.

Miaows, licks and purrs,

From Oscar