Crazy Cat Tamed

Hi All at Cats Protection,

Firstly a massive thank you for the wonderful work you do. I adopted my first CP cat about 4 years ago; Oliver “the best cat in the world”, who sadly passed away and left a space to fill. His friend Titch pined terribly and needed another feline companion... Along came Mitch the fluffy menace!

At the end of 2007 my then partner and I decided to separate, the cats were happy there so that's where they stayed. Life is really not complete unless there is a cat tripping you over or getting in the way when you’re trying to read, so once settled in my new home a phone call to Cats Protection was needed.

Your volunteer was really helpful when he came to visit for the home check, he suggested visiting the nearest CP adoption centre. My fiancé was only slightly terrified that I might come back with all of them.

Having browsed the web site before going I had seen that the longest serving “in-mate” was a huge beautiful black male called Othello who apparently wasn't enjoying being in a pen.

I spent my time saying hello to all the cats, I was really excited to go in to see Othello "oh he'll be fine" I dumbly told my reluctant fiancé and in I went - 0.5 of a second later I made a hasty retreat to check I still had all my limbs!

Considering he appeared to have the blood lust of an unhinged butcher he was a completely different cat when taken into a different room. Mad? Yes I am and he was the one for me. He quickly started to show his true colours and was purring and chirping away and giving kisses after just a couple of hours away from the pen. He is getting used to being Lord of the Manor and I am summoned to the kitchen when he’s hungry and called upon if he’s in need of an ear scratcher. He really is very handsome, a complete softy and slightly loopy, we already don't know what we would do without him.

Thank you so very very much for all the care you have given, not only to him and us but all the cats and people that you help every day. It is upsetting to think where they would be and what would happen if you were not there to provide the unconditional help and love to all these wonderful animals.

Thank you again, CB.