Samson and Delilah

Samson and DelilahHomed 2008

Last week we celebrated the kittens estimated 1st birthday (20th Sept). I thought I should let you know how they're getting on and I have sent a photo attached. As you know they had a small name change. Dilly (the girl) is at the back of the photo and Sampson or Big Sam is at the front.

We would like you to know that they are such an invaluable part of the family now. They have grown to be quite big handsome cats with beautiful markings, and Sampson, who if you remember was a bit hissy and spitty as a kitten, is the softest, most cuddly cat. It took quite a while for him to grow into his gorgeous white paws which are even now very large. He is catching lots of mice and has the run of the fields all around us. He loves to have his tummy tickled and has a very distinctive "wail" when he needs something.

Dilly is a typical female. Very affectionate, very bossy and very nosey. Not such an outdoor lover but goes slightly bonkers every so often racing up trees, etc.

We are so thrilled with our family members and on the odd occasion that we have been away for a few days, can't wait to get home (Lottie my 6 year old really struggles without them!)

I hope you are still managing to find homes for your foster kittens. We just thought you would like an update.

Once again, many thanks