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200 Club Rules

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Contributions should be for a minimum of £ 2.00 a month, you can contribute more per month if you want to.


You can send us several months’ worth of contributions in one payment if this is convenient for you.


Payments must be received monthly to qualify for the draw, cheques should be sent to the branch treasurer at Worthing Cats Protection, 21 Hollyacres, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 3TD.


Each club member will be allocated a membership number for each contribution of £ 2.00 (eg. If you contribute £ 10.00 you will be allocated 5 numbers).


The winning membership numbers will be drawn bi-monthly on the third Tuesday of that month in the Charity Shop at 35 Rowlands Road. Worthing, this is to allow a final statement showing the accumulated prize fund to be received.


The prize fund will be worth 50% of the bi monthly income.


The winners will be notified by post and paid by cheque.


New members are welcome at anytime.


If you miss two consecutive contributions we will assume that you have left the club.


If we wish to close the club we will give two months written notice to all active participants, any monies paid in advance beyond that period will be refunded.