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200 Club Now Monthly

01 May 2022
We have made changes to our 200 CLUB CASH PRIZE DRAW
Our aim has always been to move from a bi-monthly draw to a monthly draw, when we have sufficient members. 
We're delighted to report that we have now reached that time. 
 The cash prizes for January 2022, will be drawn in our Worthing Shop on 7 February at 2pm
Thereafter, the draw will be made every month. On current membership, the value of the monthly cash prizes 
will be 
£100, £50 and £20.

The amounts will vary according to the number of numbers subscribed. 
More members = more prizes = more cats benefit. The specific timings and venue for our draws 
will be posted on our 'Events' page in due course.

Any questions or interest in joining the 200 Club,  please email: treasurer@worthing.cats.org.uk
See the latest winners on the News page, Join now by clicking on the link below