Golden Oldies

At the Wrexham Adoption Centre, we have lots of cats waiting to go to a new home, but unfortunately, some cats are overlooked.  These are mostly our 'Golden Oldies' and have been here for quite some time.

They are quite happy to stay in their beds, fast asleep, rather than sell themselves when the public arrive.  There are many benefits of having an elderly cat.  These are just a few of them:

  • Elderly cats are more home loving.  They prefer to curl up in a comfy spot, instead of spending time outside
  • They are more independent, so do not need as much enrichment as a younger cat would
  • Older cats personalities have already developed, so what you see is what you get!

Like Molly here, who was one of our Golden Oldies in the centre in the past, we always have wonderful Golden Oldies available for adoption. 

Visit our Adopt A Cat page to see more information on our 'Golden Oldies'