Manifesto for Cats: Wales

Manifesto for Cats WalesCats are hugely popular pets providing love, affection and companionship

In Wales, 29 per cent of households have at least one cat, which is an estimated cat population of approximately 670,000.* A recent survey showed that cats are the second most popular pet in Wales, with 39 per cent of pet owners choosing to share their home with them.**

Cat with welsh flag Cats Protection

Our manifesto calls for tighter regulation of the licensing of air guns and banning the use of snares – both of which can cause pain and injury to cats. We’re also calling for measures to reduce the number of unwanted kittens as well as an inclusion of animal welfare in the Welsh curriculum to ensure all children learn about responsible pet care.

The full Manifesto for Cats will be unveiled on 23 February, with a reception for invited AMs, animal welfare charities and other invited guests. The event will be hosted by Suzy Davies AM, Regional Assembly Member for South West Wales and supported by Petplan. It is particularly important that we keep the profile of cat welfare in the minds of our politicians.

You can read the summary of our Manifesto for Cats or read the full manifesto

Together we can help create a better world for cats.

*PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report (PAW) 2015