What to do if you find a cat

A lot of the cats that come in to our Adoption Centre are found under many different circumstances, and it often appears they have an owner out there.
There are some important steps to take before contacting us and bringing the cat in to our care.

The first thing is to assess if the cat is a feral cat or a domesticated stray. 
If you can not touch the cat, and it appears to be very nervous and runs away, it is likely it is a feral.
If you can stroke the cat, and it comes to you and appears friendly, then it is likely a domesticated stray cat.

If the cat is friendly, and you can put it in a secure carrier, it is important it is taken to the vets to be scanned incase it has a microchip.  Sometimes cats get lost after being frightened by dogs or animals, and run off and got lost in the panic. They may also be new to the area and just let out for the first time and appear to be a bit confused.

After taking the cat to be scanned, and it doesn't have a microchip, it's time to get creative and make some posters and leaflets.  Add a photo of the cat to the poster and when the cat appeared, along with a telephone number. Put the posters up on lamposts and in local shops and put leaflets through doors to spread the word.  Click here to download our 'Found Cat' poster

Contact us here on 03000 12 02 69 and ask for the cat to be added to the 'Found Register'. This is so if anybody contacts us about a lost cat, we can match them up and get in contact.  We also have a Facebook Page where you can a photo of the found cat incase anyone recognises them on there.

Also ask for a paper collar from us.  This is so you can put a contact number on the collar, and put it on the cat.  If the cat then goes home, the owners will know somebody is enquiring about their cat.

Lastly, make sure you register the cats details onto animal search UK website.

If there is still no luck finding the cats owner, we will then add it to our waiting list.  Once you have actively looked for the owner for 2 weeks, we can then help with neutering the cat if it isn't already neutered.

Please do not arrive at the Adoption Centre with the cat without an appointment.