What to do if your cat is missing

It's always a worry when you cat doesn’t come home for their tea, or hasn’t been home like usual.

They may have got a bit confused and wandered from their usual route, or could have been taken under the wing of someone who had never seen your cat before, and thought they were lost.

The first thing to do is to have a look in your shed or garage in case they have wandered in without you noticing, and got shut in.
Ask the neighbours to check their sheds and garages too, and ask them if they have seen your cat recently.  This can be done by making up some leaflets and dropping them through letterboxes, so you are getting as many people to keep a look out as possible.

Make some posters to put on lamp posts in and around the area. We have a draft of a poster for you to put the details on of your missing cat. Click here to download a 'Missing Cat' poster Put them in your local vets and any newsagents or shops in the area.  Add a picture to the poster and also mention that a reward will be given for any information.  Do not say what this reward will be, as it can just be a box of chocolates, but it gives people an incentive to have a good look.
If you have pet insurance contact them to see if you are entitled with help advertising your lost pet.

Call up the vets in the area in case somebody has taken your cat there to be scanned for a microchip etc

We have a Facebook website for you to post a picture of your missing cat, and any additional information www.facebook.com/cpwrexham

You can also email us a picture of your cat, when they went missing, your name, address, telephone number, detailed description of your cat, if he/she was wearing a collar and if they are microchipped to wrexham@cats.org.uk so we can add the details to our website.

Lastly, make sure you register the cats details onto animal search UK website.