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Help Conker Get His Christmas Wish

14 December 2017
Help Conker Get His Christmas Wish

Conker is a 5 month old kitten who needs a liver operation before he can be fit enough to be rehomed.

Conker was admitted into the care of Cats Protection Wrexham adoption centre early September 2017 when he was 3 months old, along with his siblings who have now all found their new homes. It was clear from the start that Conker was a petite kitten in comparison to his litter mates, and as time went on, Conker was getting left behind whilst his brothers and sisters grew in size. Conker was checked by the vet as he was losing weight, and we were concerned that he wasn’t thriving.
Conker then began having ‘funny turns’ whereby he would appear to go
dizzy and have sleepy spells. After a number of blood tests and various
investigations, the vet suspected Conker could have a liver shunt – a serious condition where blood from the stomach, intestines, pancreas and spleen bypasses the liver. The decision was made to book Conker in for a scan of his liver. The scan would enable us to know if a shunt was present, the severity of the shunt, and more importantly if an operation was a viable option. A scan of his liver was carried out at the end of November 2017 and the results came back to show that Conker did have a liver shunt and it was operable.
The operation itself is a soft tissue surgery that will be carried out
at a specialist veterinary surgery, we have received a quote for the surgery for just under £2000, so we are hoping that this Christmas you can help us to raise funds to cover Conker’s surgery*
If you would like to make a donation towards Conkers operation you can by visiting Conker's JustGiving Page

*any additional funds raised from the £2000 set for Conker’s Christmas
Wish will go towards cats in the care of Wrexham Cats Protection Adoption Centre