Free cat workshops & cat talks

Cats Protection is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. We have over 6,000 cats in our care at any given time with every one of our twenty nine adoption centres being under immense pressure and unfortunately there is always a waiting list to take cats in.

Our aim is to rehome cats to loving homes and to responsible pet owners. Through our education programme we aim to educate individuals on responsible animal ownership and promote cat and animal welfare throughout the UK


There are eight million cats in the UK making them the most popular pet and as such the likelihood of a number of your students being cat owners is highly probable. Cats Protection can help them be responsible cat owners through our free educational workshops. We have workshops for students aged 4-18 years on a variety of topics such as basic cat care, understanding feline behaviour and respecting cats and all animals. Our educational workshops are offered to every school throughout the UK and are completely free of charge.


We also offer talks to adults about our charity, and how to make your home a more welcoming environment for your cat.

If you would like to book a talk just get in touch Kirsty-Lou Watson our Community Education Officer.


Tel: 0113 2249727