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Find out what is going on at Lea Valley Branch.  Look at our news stories below.
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Cats Protection News

Manifesto for Cats

Manifesto for Cats10-Feb-2015

In this General Election year, 2015, Cats Protection has launched a Manifesto for Cats and will be calling on the new Government to put in place measures to protect cats from abandonment, harm and neglect.  After a three-month, public consultation  93 per cent of participants agreed with all of the 10 suggested manifesto priorities which are designed to benefit cats, owners and society ...

Catastrophe: The Future of Felines in Britain

Catastrophe: The Future of Felines in Britain14-Feb-2013

The University of Hertfordshire has produced a short (5 minute) film outlining the desperate state of feline welfare charities in our area and across the UK.  Of course, it is not the charities but the cats and kittens that suffer as a result of the economic climate and because irresponsible owners fail to have their cats neutered. You can watch the film on-line by clicking here....

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