Lost and Found


Before you report your cat or kitten missing please do the following:
  • Thoroughly check your property, all rooms, cupboards, boxes, household appliances, sheds, garages and vehicles.
  • Walk around the neighbourhood and ask everyone you see, including the postman, the milkman, paper delivery boy etc, if they have seen your cat
  • Check with the Cleansing Dept. of your local Council
  • Phone all local Vets to see if your cat has been found injured and taken in to a local surgery.
  • Just as a last thought, if your cat goes missing on a Friday night, please check to see if someone returning from work has put the car away for part or all of the week-end and included you cat. We found our cat that way and everyone approached was most helpful and understanding.
  • If you cat does come home, do please let us know so that we can remove it from the web site.

If your cat is still lost, please phone Carol on 07919 433228. We will be able to add your cat to our database and search for any possible matches. If we do not find a match we will assist you in creating posters and advertising your cat as missing.


  • Firstly ensure that the cat is indeed Lost 
  • If the cat is friendly and in good condition it may belong to someone, and Cats Protection can supply a strong paper collar so that the owner is alerted to the fact that their cat is straying, please ask for one when reporting the found cat
  • Ask your neighbours, especially any people new to the area if their cat is missing.

If you cannot trace the cats owners locally, please contact the Cats Protection and we may be able to match the stray to a report of a missing cat.

For any other Lost & Found enquires in the Newtown & District area please telephone Carol on 07919 433228.