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Ask the Behaviourist - Facebook Q&A

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Welcome to Cats Protection - West Lothian Branch

Cats Ready for Adoption Last Updated: 28/05/2015

Details of our next Rehoming Day on 23/05/15 are on the Events page

Thank you for considering giving a rescue cat a new home. Our cats have so much to offer and we appreciate you giving them a second or third chance to enjoy a happy life!

IMPORTANT NOTICE -  At present we have a limited number of foster spaces which means that we are unfortunately not able to take cats at short notice. We will endeavor to help where we can, and will provide numbers for other cat rescue organisations in the area when we can't help. We currently have a long waiting list of cats to come in and we are unable to commit to taking in any more cats until further notice. 

If you have already arranged for your cat to come into foster care and it is currently on our waiting list then we will try to take it in as soon as we possibly can, but until the re-homing situation picks up, we are unable at this time to give any timescales. We will of course honor any commitments we have agreed to and will get back to you as soon as a space becomes available and we will try to prioritize as best we can. As soon as this situation improves, we will be able to add to a waiting list again. If your cat is neutered, vaccinated and in good health we can try to re-home it straight from your home, or alternatively you could try one of the other organisations in the area who may be able to take your cat into care before we can. Please Click HERE for contact details for these.

Please note that we are still functioning as normal for purposes of re-homing and would be glad to hear from you if you are interested in one of our cats. Once again, many apologies for any inconvenience this action may cause but our situation has now become unmanageable.

We receive a lot of enquires from the public asking where our rescue centre is located or what our opening hours are. Our Branch is run by a small team of dedicated, unpaid volunteers who work hard in their spare time to care for and find homes for unwanted cats and kittens throughout the West Lothian and Edinburgh area. Being a small branch, our cats are not based at a central location to visit - instead all cats/kittens within our care are placed in foster homes pending a suitable home being found. We do however hold regular rehoming days where you can come and see the cats in person, please see the Events page for details of upcoming days. The Branch is essentially self-sufficient, depending on funds raised locally to care for the cats we rescue.

It is our policy to never put a healthy cat to sleep and we believe that there is a new, loving home somewhere for each and every cat in our care.

Our website is updated regularly to ensure that we provide you with the most up-to-date information on our cats seeking new homes and any branch news.

Details of our next Rehoming Day and other events are on the Events page

If you wish to adopt a cat or kitten, please do not hesitate to contact us by completing the online Contact Us form.  Our telephone on 01506 298107 is for emergencies only. Please don't be put off by the answer machine that records our telephone calls as our volunteers work full-time. We do try to respond to all calls as quickly as possible, however, this does tend to be in the evenings and at weekends.

Please Note to help us to help you can you ensure that you leave a message with a clear number, which preferably should be repeated (as it can sometimes be unclear on the answering machine), and, where possible, a landline, which saves us money! Thanks WLCP

FacebookYou can also keep up to date with the latest branch news and goings-on on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


We also have a branch eBay page, where some or all of the price of the items bought or sold can be donated to the West Lothian branch. We're also set up to use the 'give as you shop online' service and the 'give as you search' service - see the 'Support us' webpage for details.

We hope you will take a few minutes to look around our website which focuses on our branch activities here in West Lothian but if you require more detailed information on the Cats Protection organisation in general, please visit the main website by clicking on the following link: