five kittens in a straw basketKITTENS
When homing a kitten from Cats Protection new owners have to sign an agreement to have that kitten neutered at the appropriate time.

We will send out letters at the appropriate time with a proof of neutering certificate that has to be signed and stamped by the vet practice which carried out the neutering, before being returned to us.

Cats Protection recommends neutering both male and female cats from four months of age. However your vet will consider each case on its own merits and they may wish to neuter between four and six months.

Our branch will give assistance in neutering if you feel you cannot cover the costs.If your application is successful, your vet will be sent a voucher when your cat goes for its operation.The current value of the vouchers is £26 for female cats and £20 for male cats. You will need to pay the remaining amount yourself directly to the vet. We may be able to cover the full cost of neutering your cat if you are in receipt of benefits or Pension Credits. Please ask about this.If you have a multi cat household we may be able to offer financial assistance through our head office. Please phone our Helpline on 08702 099 099 for more details of this scheme.


•A female cat can start reproducing from around five to eight months. It is NOT beneficial for a female cat to have a litter before spaying! This is a myth.
•The female won't call and wail during their sexual cycle.
•Will be less likely to contract diseases spread by bites and reproductive activity.

•Will become less likely to roam (reducing the risk of being run over).
•Will become less likely to fight, thus improving their chances of avoiding (FIV) and feline leukaemia virus (FELV) which are transmitted by cat bites and reproductive activity.
•Will be less likely to mark their territory with urine (spraying).