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Cats and Fireworks - How to Keep Your Cat Calm

08 October 2019
Cats and Fireworks - How to Keep Your Cat Calm

With fireworks season upon us, it is only natural that pet owners may become anxious about their cat’s welfare.

If you’re concerned about keeping your cat safe and calm, take a look at our video for top tips.

To ensure your cat is kept safe and calm, you should:

  • Keep your cat in after dark

  • Provide your cat with a litter tray and securely fasten all windows and doors

  • Reduce noise by keeping curtains drawn

  • Play soothing music

  • Provide a safe, comfy place in familiar territory for your cat to hide (a simple cardboard box or igloo-style cat bed should be enough)

  • Create a reassuring environment with a Feliway classic plug-in diffuser

If you’re concerned about your cat’s behaviour, don’t hesitate in contacting your vet.