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Adopt a cat

All of the cats in our care will have been checked by a vet, treated for fleas and worms,and had at least their first vaccinations against flu and leukemia.  All cats will also be microchipped, and neutered if they are old enough.  All this plus the cost of food and litter can run into three figures by the time they reach their new home - more if they need any veterinary treatment.  We ask for an adoption fee of £60 for a cat or kitten - if you wish to make a donation over and above that amount then it will be very gratefully received!   Please note we only accept cash or cheques. Our cats also come with free Petplan insurance cover for 4 weeks from the adoption date.

A home visit is often carried out before we re-home a cat.  This is to ensure that we match you up with the right cat for you, your family and your lifestyle, so that you have the best chance of a long and happy life together!  It's a chance for you to ask us advice about cat ownership if it's your first time, and we also give you an information pack with some useful leaflets on cat care.

If you are ready to adopt a cat, please get in touch at adoption@basingstoke.cats.org.uk or call on 01256 584544.  We would prefer an email if possible.


Some of the cats in our care may not yet be on our website. If you are looking for a feline companion, please contact us on 01256 584 544