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Neuter your cat for £5 - vouchers available on Saturday 13th October

01 October 2018
Neuter your cat for £5 - vouchers available on Saturday 13th October

We are holding another £5 neutering event on Saturday 13th October from 10am until 2pm at Oakridge Hall For All, Oakridge Village RG21 5SL.

We’ve made special arrangements with 4 vet surgeries in Basingstoke (Brunswick Place, The Barn, GP Vets and Basingstoke Veterinary Centre) and one in Tadley (GP Vets) who will neuter your male or female cat for £5 plus one of our special neutering vouchers. Our vouchers are for those on low income, and need to be used by the 8th December, so your cat(s) will need to be old enough to be neutered by then.

Remember that cats can be be neutered from the age of 4 months onwards. It’s important to neuter female cats to avoid pregnancies and equally important to neuter male cats to reduce them fighting and straying. We often meet people who are surprised because their cat has become pregnant at an early age or because they’ve been with one of their litter mates – cats don’t think about these things!!

So if you have an unneutered cat or cats and are on a low income, come along on Saturday 13th October and we’ll issue you a voucher. You pay the vet £5 for each cat and they’ll do the neutering. The only other costs you might have are if you need a buster collar for a female cat (approx. £5 depending on vet and size of cat).