ArtySouth Birmingham

Take a breath - because this is a story...

Say hello to Arty, a 2 year old feral cat, who gave birth to five gorgeous kittens who have all been rehomed.

We neutered, eartipped and released her. She was feral and terrified of humans. She would lash out if you came near her and getting her to the vet to be neutered was a very unpleasant experience for her and our fosterer!

Once she was released she disappeared and we thought we'd said goodbye to her.

And then... And then... She started coming back to the house where her kittens had been fostered. She started to miaow at her old fosterer and so we wondered if she might like a bit of food.

During the summer of 2018 we'd put down a little bit of food and she'd come and eat next to us. Bit by bit we tried touching her. And one day she just come up and rubbed against our legs! Gobsmacked doesn't even come close!!!

So! Now, she has her own box and blanket and loves being stroked!! She loved chin tickles so much that she drools and rolls and drools. It's hilarious! She loves a fuss we’re just trying to get her to the point where we could get her into a cat carrier or pick her up.

In the last 7 months she has basically domesticated herself. (I suspect the cold weather helped).

Arty is neutered and has been tested negative for FIV and FeLV.

BUT - Arty is definitely going to need a VERY patient and understanding owner. She spent the first year of her life basically feral, so she's got boundaries and you need to go at her pace. (Yesterday she sat on her fosterers lap - and that was a first!)
She loves chin tickles but gets very nervous if you put your hand where she can't see it. She doesn't like to be stroked on her tummy - but she does sometimes roll over and expose her belly... BEWARE!

If you think you've got what it takes to be Arty's slave - please apply!

Gender Female
Age 2
Breed Domestic short-hair
Colour Black
Can live with cats Yes
Can live with dogs No
Can live with a family No
Can live with mature family No
Indoor cat No
Access to Outside Yes
Feral cat Yes

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