What we do

Like every local branch of Cats Protection, we work tirelessly to improve the world of stray and unwanted cats and kittens by finding them loving new homes. Here are some of the ways in which we do this:

We have a very small, but dedicated, band of volunteers, who give of their time tirelessly to help as many stray and unwanted cats as possible.

We have ten foster pens
. This may seem like plenty, but it does not matter how many pens you have, you always need more space!!  

We rehome cats and kittens. Last year we rehomed 200. 

We neuter feral catsWe also feed about 80 feral cats on a regular basis.

We can help people, on low income, with the cost of neutering their cats.
We recommend that all cats and kittens and in this area this can usually be done around six months of age. Anyone who might benefit from assistance to have their cat neutered should call Lucy or Fiona on 01387 710083, to request assistance.

We have an extensive range of leaflets about cats, cat care and cat ailmentsso if you have worries about your cat, or need advice about its care we may be able to help in this way. 

We keep a list of lost and found cats so if your cat wanders off or if you find a cat or kitten who appears to be lost, call us first.