Appeal for donations to help a lovely 5 year old cat.

02 December 2016

**APPEAL FOR DONATIONS ** We have just agreed to take in a lovely 5 year old female cat who was taken to local vets to be PTS as owners couldn't afford to treat her broken leg. It's a nasty break to her front leg and the estimated bill is about £2,000. Any donations towards this operation would be gratefully received and can be made via our website or by cheque to PO Box 623, Newport, South Wales NP20 3ZX. Thank you for any help you are able to give....

Charity shop RE-OPENING MONDAY 24th OCTOBER !!

20 October 2016

Our Charity Shop will RE-OPEN on Monday 24th OCTOBER !! Latest Shop Update here's the latest info for you Shop almost ready ..External repaint and re branding logos to be completed shortly and then obviously stock to be re-displayed but our plan for Shop reopening is Monday 24th Oct UPDATE: Our shop is still undergoing repair and will be closed for another few weeks. We will update here when it is about to re-open. Thank you to everyone who has supported us...